Giant Panda Tours and Volunteering

No. 1 Thing to Do in Sichuan

Sichuan is the largest hometown of the Giant Panda species. More than 80% members of the whole Giant Panda family are now inhabiting in the nature reserves and panda bases province Sichuan. And the same time, Sichuan is the best place to visit Giant Pandas, experience Giant Panda Culture, and take part in some interesting activities related to Giant Panda, such as trying to be a Panda Keeper, Panda Researcher, etc. Till 2017, Sichuan has 6 larget Giant Panda Bases in different regions, all of which are open for visiting. Take following tour packages to visit panda, take a volunteering program, or hold a panda.

Classic Sichuan Travel Itineraries for 2018

Sichuan has plenty to offer more than pandas! You have flexible choices to match your interests, days and budget. What are the top classic things to do in Sichuan? We strongly recommend you the World Heritage Sites Leshan Giant Buddha and Mount Emei, wonderland Jiuzhaigou, historical Dujiangyan, taoist Qingcheng Mountain, etc. Check following well-collected travel deals for you.

Sichuan Travel 2018


Sichuan Adventures - Trekking, Camping, Climbing

Sichuan is a Mini-Himalaya, an ideal land for adventures. Here, the King of Sichuan Mountain - Minya Kong, the Eastern Alps - Mount Siguniang, and the Last Pure Land on Earth Daocheng, are all perfect destination for trekking. Also Kangding, Hailuogou Valley, Tagong ... there are so many adventures! We are your best mate to take an adventure to these charming places, because we have been the most reliable trekking operators in Sichuan for decades - professional knowledge, full-cared service, safety granted.

  • Sichuan Travel 2018

    Mount Siguniang Dafeng Hiking Tour - 5 Days from $682

    This is a short expedition to Mount Siguniang from Chengdu. You will have the chance to hike to the summit of a 5000 meters’ mountain, Dafeng of Mount Siguniang, where lie the beautiful peaks known as the oriental Alps.


  • Sichuan Travel 2018

    Daocheng Yading Hiking Tour - 6 days from $1241

    Daocheng Yading is one of the most remote wander lands in China. This Yading adventure takes you to embrace the believed-to-be the mysterious Tibetan heaven of Shangrila. You also have the day tour in Chengdu also.


  • Sichuan Travel 2018

    Mount Gonggashan In-depth Hiking - 9 Days from $1388

    Have the authentic experiences follow off-beat horse trails in Gonggashan. Visit ancient and back country Buddhist monastery Gongga Gompa. Adventurous hiking to watch snow peaks and glaciers at Gonggashan.


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