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Mt. Siguniang Travel Guide and Tour Packages

Mount Siguniang is a massif of mountains very close to a big city Chengdu. Within half day’s drive you can get there. Mount Siguniang is named “The Oriental Alps” due to its close resembles of the real Alps. It was used by local people to try to drive more visitors. Mount Siguniang is a very beautiful and awe-inspiring place. It is one of the most popular adventure travel destinations in China and loved by many active travelers. A trek to Dafeng Summit or a hiking through Changping valley or a visit to Shuangqiao are the ways of traveling included here. Read below the detailed travel guide along with best-selected tours about Mount Siguniang.

Mount Siguniang Travel and Tours

Mount Siguniang Hiking

Mount Siguniang consists of several valleys, Shuangqiao valley locates in the west and Bipeng Valley locates in the north, both can be accessed by bus. Changping valley and Haizi Valley locate in the east and there is walking involved to visit these two valleys. When we talk about visits to Mount Siguniang, we usually talk about visits to these valleys.

Shuangqiao Valley

Shuangqiaogou Valley is a zigzagged, deep and quiet valley stretching over 35km in which there are more than 70 small attractions. Far away from your sight are the bright snow mountains, while surrounding you may be blooming flowers, flourish and colorful trees, or pure streams flowing from unknown place.

Changping Valley

Along this 29-kilometer-long green corridor, there are 21 amazing attraction for you to explore. Once entering the valley, you will be met by a peaceful Tibetan village with unique Tibetan decoration style. Exploring deeper, you will see Tibetan monastery, ancient path, wild forest, red stones, etc.

Haizi Valley

Haizi refers lake in Chinese. And Haizigou, as the name implies, is the valley of lakes. The most beautiful one is Dahaizi Lake which is located at the elevation of 3800 meters. Covering more than 20 hectares, Dahaizi Lake is surrounded by mountains, including the Siguniang Mountain. The clean water reflects the blue sky and floating clouds. Another highlight is the Guozhuangping which is a huge lawn at the southern edge of the main peaks of the Siguniang Mountain. It is also the place where the locals dance the Guozhuang.

Recommended length of visiting: 2-3 hours to 2-3 days;

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Mt. Siguniang Travel Guide and Tours
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    Mt. Siguniang – Yaomei Feng

    Highest mountain of Siguniang Massif, 6250 meters. Youngest of the four sisters, symbol of Mount Siguniang. Visible from Haizi Valley, Changping Valley and the way to Rilong.

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    Trek to Dafeng

    It is 2-3 Days of a hard walking to a 5038-meter mountain from Rilong. Dafeng is the oldest sister of the four sisters. You will have splendid views from its summit. Continue to read more about a Trek to Dafeng Summit.

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    Walking and Hiking

    Mount Siguniang is in total mountain area where you can plan a 2-3 hours of walking in one of the valleys or do a serious trek to Dafeng Summit or Erfeng Summit.

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    Ice-climbing in Mount Siguniang is available. You can find good and solid ice in Shuangqiao Valley. Recommended to do it in winter when there are lots of good ice.


Getting There and Around

Go to Mt. Siguniang By Car

Mount Siguniang is located 200km west to Chengdu in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. By car it takes about 5-6 hours. In low season (December to March) there are two schedules from Chadianzi Bus Station in Chengdu to Xiaojin (Get off at Rilong) at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00am. Bus ticket costs 95 Chinese yuan taking around 4-5 hours. In high season (April to November) three schedules from Chadianzi to Xiaojian (Get off at Rilong) at 6:30, 9:00 and 12:00 with the same price. Updated in Jan, 2017.

Shared-taxi is available. The shared taxi drivers are mostly from around Mt. Siguniang and doing driving service between Chengdu and around Mt. Siguniang. These cars are legally-registered cars but not registered as “Transfer Car” at Transfer Bureau (according to Chinese law, a car needs to be registered to use as a taxi or taxi-like car otherwise it is “illegal transfer”). Using this type of car is more convenient as it is flexible that you can find them anytime of the day. Cost of a shared-taxi to Mt. Siguniang varies from 100 yuan to 400 yuan. You can find shared taxi near Chadianzi Bus Station or at Yingmenkou. more>>

Useful Mt. Siguniang Travel Tips

Gathered below is the most useful travel guide to Mount Siguniang (Four Sisters Mountain). Important travel information of Mt. Siguniang includes travel season and climate, detailed and useful Mt. Siguniang travelers’ maps, tips for hiking at Mount Siguniang, accommodation and food issues about traveling to Mount Siguniang.

Travel Season

Due to its high elevation, summer is cool and winter is cold. Raining season comes from May to Sep with the most rain in May and June. Oct to the next Jan, the weather is good but cold. Good seasons to travel to Mount Siguniang include May to the next January. more>>

Climbing Permit

A Trek to Dafeng will need a climbing permit from Sichuan Mountaineering Association. It costs 300 yuan and a week to acquire such paper. It is obligatory to have a climbing permit to Dafeng. This applies to any mountaineering activity in Sichuan including Erfeng of Mount Siguniang. more>>

Useful Travel Maps

Mount Siguniang travel maps including detailed hiking maps of Changping Valley, Haizi Valley, Dafeng Summit, Bipenggou and transfer map around Mt. Siguniang. Read more to learn and plan your Mount Siguniang travel and hiking. more>>

Accommodation and Food

Plenty of good hotels have reopened after the new road from Chengdu was completed in October 2016. There are good hotels with 3-star standard available in the town of Rilong. More hotels are more like 2-star standard. There are also plenty of local Tibetan guesthouses, clean and cost-effective.more>>

Mount Siguniang Tour Packages

View below the best-selected tour packages of Mount Siguniang. Included are the family-friendly lodge-based hiking tour to Mount Siguniang in 4 days from Chengdu, the join-in fixed trekking tour to Dafeng and a 6-day Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley trekking from Chengdu. They are with different paces and designed for travelers of different styles. Find your deals!

  • Mount Siguniang Tours 2017

    Mount Siguniang Family Hiking Tour Lodge-based – 4 Days from $568

    This 4-day hiking trip to Mount Siguniang is perfectly designed for outdoor lovers and families. Mount Siguniang is considered to oriental Alps due to its natural alpine beauty of mountains and amazing landscapes. Two days of hiking into the valleys with flexibility of hiking time and distance to choose.


  • Mount Siguniang Tours 2017

    Mount Siguniang Dafeng Group Hiking Tour– 5 Days from $686

    Join a group and hike to a 5000+ meters peak of Dafeng at Mount Siguniang with affordable price. Have views of the splendid mountains of Mount Siguniang and adventure at borderland of historical China and Tibet. Besides, you will also go to visit the Chinese Treasure - the Giant Panda at Wolong Panda Base.


  • Mount Siguniang Tours 2017

    Mount Siguniang Hiking Tour– 6 Days from $978

    6-Day Mount Siguniang hiking starts from Chengdu, a perfect hiking adventure near Chengdu to explore the wonderful nature of Sichuan. Hike from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley total waling 3-4 days. Witness Mount Siguniang and the many other mountains around Mount Siguniang at a close range.


  • Mount Siguniang Tours 2017

    Mount Siguniang Dafeng Self Guided Tour– 5 Daysfrom $382

    This is a cheap budget self-guided tour to Dafeng Summit of Mount Siguniang using public transport. It is an economy way of traveling to Mount Siguniang and for people who have a budget. To have an expedition of a life time to Mount Siguniang Dafeng Summit with affordable price.


  • Mount Siguniang Tours 2017

    Sichuan Adventure Tour with Classic Wild Destinations - 8 Daysfrom $0

    Sichuan offers you a chance to see different cultures and sceneries in a single trip at a very leisure pace- Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emei, Shangli Ancient Town, Tagong Grassland, Danba Tibetan Village and Mount Siguniang. All these classic destinations and wild destinations are not very far away from each other.


  • Jiuzhaigou
  • Sertar
  • Chengdu
  • Kangding
  • Leshan
  • Emeishan
  • Siguniangshan
  • Daocheng
  • Shunan
mount siguniang travel


About 45mins' fly from Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou is a fantastic land of sceneries - lakes, waterfalls, forests...

mount siguniang travel


Chengdu has many places to go - Panda Base, ancient temples, streets, parks...

mount siguniang travel


Leshan has the largest stone buddha, also a World Heritage Site, Leshan Giant Buddha.

mount siguniang travel


Emeishan is only about two hours driving from Chengdu. You can visit Buddhist temple and trek.

mount siguniang travel


Mount Siguniang has four magnificent peaks to climb and three beautiful valleys to visit.

mount siguniang travel


Sertar is the Kingdom of Buddhism. It is famous for Buddhist culture and beautiful prairies.

mount siguniang travel


Mount Gongga is the highest peak in Sichuan Province. It is an ideal destination for trekking and climbing.

mount siguniang travel

Shunan Bamboo

Shunan Bamboo Forest in Yibin is a cool place for summer retreat, also a good place for trip.

mount siguniang travel

Daocheng Yading

Many people believe Daocheng Yading is the Real Shangrila. It is also a good place for trekking.

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