Yibin Caiba Airport (XIC)

Yibin Airport Guide

Yibin Airport was built in 1992. It is located at Yibin in southern Sichuan, 10km south to the town of Yibin and 75km north to Shunan Bamboo Forest. At present there are lots of flights scheduled to Yibin from many cities in China including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Qingdao, Lhasa, Lanzhou, Guiyang, Xi’an, Lijiang, Sanya and Wuhan.

Getting Around at Yibin Airport

Yibin Airport Transfer Map

Yibin is one of the biggest cities in southern Sichuan. At Yibin you can easily find restaurants, hotels and shops. By driving to Yibin from the airport it is about 20 minutes. From the airport you can also drive to Shunan Bamboo Forest directly for 1.5 hours and start a trip in the forest.

Taxis are available at the airport all the time. The taxi from the airport to the city of Yibin costs within 20 yuan. There are also airport shuttle buses available at the airport. The bus from airport to Yibin takes about 0.5 hour. Contact: +86 831 8100371. Bus number 8 also goes pass the airport. If you wish to drive to Shunan Bamboo Forest directly after your arrival, you need to hire a car which costs about 300 yuan.

Scheduled Flights to Yibin Airport

Depart from Flight Number Frequency Duration Full Price
Beijing CA1459/1460 1234567 15:15-18:30/19:35-22:20 RMB1710+tax
Shanghai MU5367/5368 1234567 15:25/18:45/19:30-22:15 RMB1650+tax
Guangzhou ZH9577/9578 1234567 19:05-21:10/21:45-23:40 RMB1230+tax
Shenzhen ZH9727/9728 1234567 19:40-22:05/23:10-01:30 RMB1240+tax
Xiamen MU5874/5873 1234567 4:00-16:50/10:35-12:55 RMB1590+tax
Kunming MU5873/5874 1234567 08:35-09:50/17:35-18:40 RMB1000+tax
Kunming MU9713/9714 1234567 13:00-14:10/21:05-22:20 RMB1000+tax
Lanzhou G52684/2683 246 10:40-12:20/08:40-10:15 RMB960+tax
Guiyang G52683/2684 1234567 07:30-08:10/13:00-13:40 RMB440+tax
Lijiang 3U8538/8357 246 13:05-14:20/11:10-12:15 RMB1020+tax
Xi’an 3U8537/8538 1234567 08:50-10:20/15:10-16:40 RMB930+tax
Sanya 3U8512/8511 135 12:50-14:55/09:55-12:05 RMB1490+tax
Wuhan MU9714/9713 135 17:40-19:45/14:55-16:35 RMB1430+tax

Tele Phone of Yibin Airport: +86 831 8102460.

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