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Danba is the hometown of Jiarong Tibetans in Sichuan Province. It boasts for its many stone watchtowers” Diaolou” and one of the most beautiful Tibetan villages in China called Jiaju. Danba is located 450km west to the city of Chengdu. Danba is also one of the highlighted tourist attractions in Sichuan Province.

Danba Travel and Tours

Danba Jiaju

Jiaju Tibetan Village and Zhonglu Tibetan Village

Jiaju, Zhonglu are the two representatives of the Tibetan villages in Danba. They are authentic and traditional Tibetan villages. People there work in the farm and orchards. Their houses are unique and beautiful. The villages are located on the sunny slope and composed of over decades of families. The village bends into the shape of the mountain side: some lower and some higher. Green orchards and colorful houses made the villages here very attractive. Jiaju Village is more popular because it has more houses in numbers whilst Zhonglu is more secluded as fewer travelers go there..

Suopo Stone Watchtowers (Diaolou)

Danba is named “kingdom of one thousand watchtowers” Suopo has in total 84 watchtowers. It is the best place to see Danba watchtowers. One can view the forest of watchtowers from the road across the road or either walks into the village to have a close look. The village is a fortress built at the mountains side by the villages. All the towers were built in stones. The history of these stone towers date back the earliest to about 2000 years ago. Local people say it is mainly a result of battles their ancestors had with other groups. The height of these watchtowers is from 10 meters to 30 meters.


Located 68 km northwest to the town of Danba, Dangling is a gallery of natural alpine lakes, forest, hot springs, grassland and a perfect hiking destination in Sichuan. It is a very primitive and untouched place in Sichuan in the Tibetan area. Over 2 dozens of mountains are over 5000 meters and unclimbed and unexplored. A trip to Danba Dangling is surely going to be a trip of a life time.

Recommended length of visiting: half day to 2 days;

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Danba Travel Guide and Tours
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    Explore Tibetan Villages

    Now with easy access to both Zhonglu and Jiaju Tibetan villages, visitors can get there by car. The Tibetan villages in Danba were considered and ranked as one of the most beautiful villages in China by China National Geography. Local Tibetan people are a sub group of Tibetan called Jiarong Tibetans. They kept their original way of living even though tourists have poured.

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    Beautiful Jiarong Tibetan Women

    The beautiful Jiarong Tibetan women have always been a stunt for Danba. Is it true that Danba is home to the most beautiful Tibetan women in the whole Tibet? Yes and no. The Jiarong Tibetan women are truly beautiful and are among the most beautiful groups of women. They are beautiful not only from their appearances but also from their optimistic characters and colorful clothes they wear.

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    Danba has been to an ultimate photographer’s destination in China for a long time. The morning and evening glows on the village, the beautifully dressed local Tibetan Women, the fabulous resident houses and watchtowers, the productive orchards and farmlands and the amazing river gorge have all turned out to be excellent photo works by many photographers. In different seasons you can make good shots of different views.

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    Hiking To Dangling

    Dangling is a hidden place in Danba with beautiful alpine views including lakes, snow*capped mountains, virgin forests and local authentic nomads Tibetan people. A hiking trip to Danging will take up to a week's time.


Getting There and Around

Go to Danba By Bus

The only way to travel to Danba is by car. There are 3 buses scheduled to Danba from Chengdu everyday. One bus departs Chengdu by Chengbei Bus Station by 7:00. Two buses depart Chengdu by 6:30 and 7:00 from Chadianzi Bus Station every morning. Bus ticket costs about 130 yuan per person and it will usually take about 6-7 hours from Chengdu to Danba by bus. Although one can get to Mount Siguniang first and have a look there before go to Danba. The buses arrive in Danba at Danba Tourist centre which is located at the west of Danba town. If one wishes to stay overnight in one of the traditional Tibetan villages in Danba, there are some 20km more distance to drive using local taxi.more>>

Useful Danba Travel Tips

Gathered below is the most useful travel guide to Danba. Important travel information of Danba includes travel season and climate, detailed and useful Danba travelers’ maps, tips for traveling in Danba, accommodation and food issues about traveling to Danba.

Travel Season

The best time to visit Danba is spring and autumn. Spring is the blooming season. Autumn is the most colorful season. Spring is from late March to late May. Autumn is from early September to early November.more>>

Planning Ideas

If you are doing a driving tour, stay one night in one of the villages and have a walk in the village in the morning. If you are a photographer, stay longer to wait for good weather and take photos at different locations.more>>

Useful Travel Maps

Detailed and useful travel maps of Danba including the tourist map of Zhonglu, Jiaju and Suopo. Here also included the transfer and location map of Danba from Chengdu along with the hiking map to Dangling.more>>

Accommodation and Food

A very recommended way of staying overnight here is to use the local guesthouse in the village. They are clean and home-like. If traveling with seniors or juniors you can also find good hotels in the town of Danba.more>>

Danba Tour Packages

View below the best-selected tour packages of Danba. Included are the family-friendly lodge-based hiking tour to western Sichuan doing a circuit from Chengdu, an ultimate adventure big circuit from Chengdu. Find your deals!

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    Western Sichuan Adventure Hiking Tour - 9 Days from $1090

    In this week-long Small Circle in western Sichuan, you have the chance to experience real Tibetan culture and beautiful Tibetan landscapes. Highlights include Hailuogou Glacier Park, Kangding, Tagong Tibetan town, Danba Tibetan Village and the snow-capped Mount Siguniang.


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    Wild Sichuan Ultimate Adventure Tour– 14 Days from $1862

    This is a two-week long adventure tour into the far most regions of western Sichuan including Mount Siguniang, Danba Village, Seda Buddhist School, Xinlu Lake, Yaqen Monastery, Litang and Kangding. This is a guided private trip starts and ends in Chengdu.


  • Jiuzhaigou
  • Sertar
  • Chengdu
  • Kangding
  • Leshan
  • Emeishan
  • Siguniangshan
  • Daocheng
  • Shunan
mount siguniang travel


About 45mins' fly from Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou is a fantastic land of sceneries - lakes, waterfalls, forests...

mount siguniang travel


Chengdu has many places to go - Panda Base, ancient temples, streets, parks...

mount siguniang travel


Leshan has the largest stone buddha, also a World Heritage Site, Leshan Giant Buddha.

mount siguniang travel


Emeishan is only about two hours driving from Chengdu. You can visit Buddhist temple and trek.

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Mount Siguniang has four magnificent peaks to climb and three beautiful valleys to visit.

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Sertar is the Kingdom of Buddhism. It is famous for Buddhist culture and beautiful prairies.

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Mount Gongga is the highest peak in Sichuan Province. It is an ideal destination for trekking and climbing.

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Shunan Bamboo

Shunan Bamboo Forest in Yibin is a cool place for summer retreat, also a good place for trip.

mount siguniang travel

Daocheng Yading

Many people believe Daocheng Yading is the Real Shangrila. It is also a good place for trekking.

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