Mount Siguniang Dafeng Trekking

Mount Siguniang Trekking

Mount Siguniang is located in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Prefecture, 200km west to Chengdu and it is one of the main mountain ranges in Sichuan. It was once named as the Oriental Alps for its close resemblance to the real Alps. A trekking trip to Mount Siguniang is very popular among Asian hikers. Mount Siguniang is also one of the top ten mountaineering training bases of China due to its perfect mountain landscape. A trekking trip to Mount Siguniang varies from serious to family-friendly style. The popular one is the 2-night trekking from the town Rilong hiking to the summit of Dafeng at over 5000 meters. It is a very strenuous trekking considering the ascent covered in two days. This 2-night trekking to the summit of Dafeng of Mount Siguniang gives you the opportunity to make a summit of a 5000+ meters mountain.

Mount Siguniang Trekking to Dafeng

How to get to Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang Hiking Transfer Map

Mount Siguniang is located 220km west to Chengdu, with the newly-constructed road, one can arrive in Rilong, the town of Mount Siguniang, within 4 hours. A trekking tour to Mount Siguniang will usually start from Chengdu and ends in Chengdu for Chengdu is not very far away from Rilong. Rilong used to be a very small village and now a tourist town with many hostels. The drive from Chengdu to Rilong takes about 5 hours via Dujiangyan and Wolong Panda Reserve. The landscape is also very stunning while you are on the road. After Dujiangyan you will be driving in the mountains and after a long Balang Tunnel, you will arrive in Rilong.

When is the best time to hike in Mount Siguniang?

Mount Siguniang Hiking Season

Mount Siguniang locates between sub-tropical zone and continental highland zone. Due to its high elevation, summer is cool and winter is cold. It is generally considered dry at Mount Siguniang. Raining season come from May to September with the most rain in May and June normally. In spring there are usually snows and strong wind. In winter the weather calms down to low temperature and less windy days. Also due to its high elevation, temperature in a day changes a lot sometimes over 20C. Mount Siguniang has a less distinct four-season change with an average temperature throughout the year at 12.2?.

Generally October to the next April, the weather is good, normally with sunny days but cold. From May to September come the raining season and the raining days usually take almost half of the time according to former statistics. As any other place at such elevation, in a day it is cool in the morning, hot at noon and usually blue sky, at evening it is cool and windy. In February and March (some years in January as well), places over 3800 meters will be covered in heavy snow and not accessible. A trekking trip to Dafeng, Erfeng or anywhere higher is better to avoid Feb and Mar for there maybe too much snow.

How to plan a trekking trip to Mount Siguniang?

Duration and Transfer

A Mount Siguniang trekking starts and ends in Chengdu. Chengdu becomes the best stopover city for this trekking adventure. Mount Siguniang locates 220km west to Chengdu and the drive takes about 5 hours. Usually a trekking trip to Mount Siguniang Dafeng Summit takes 4 to 5 days from/back to Chengdu. The first day is for the driving from Chengdu via Dujiangyan and Wolong. Driving is better for your acclimatization since the elevation of Chengdu is at 500 meters and the base of Mount Siguniang Rilong is at about 3200 meters. Go back from Mount Siguniang to Chengdu will use the same road as it is at present the shortest and quickest one. There is no train nor airport available between Mount Siguniang and Chengdu. The Road was blocked for a few years after 2008 earthquake. On the way you shall still see the massive damage on the mountains made by the earthquake.

Lodge-Based Hiking

Recommended to spend one to two nights there for this hiking. Changping Valley and Haizi Valley as well as Shuangqiao Valley are all good places to do some walking. All valleys are one way in and the same way out. Hiking in Haizi Valley can be a 2-3 hours leisure walk or a full day hiking to Laoniuyuanzi. The best view of lodge-based hiking in Haizi Valley is the first 2 hours' walking on the south ridge of Mount Siguniang. A one-day Changping Valley walk takes you to the base of Mount Siguniang at its west side. Great views of big walls of the mountain but to get there is takes about 7 hours for the day: also same way in and same way out. Shuangqiao Valley is a more leisure hiking because you can use the bus.


Camping Trek from Changping to Bipeng

This is a popular hiking in China. It starts in Rilong and ends in Bipenggou Valley in Lixian. You will have 2 nights camping in Changping Valley and three days of walking. First two days are easy so for some it can be squeezed into one day. Third is hard as you will need to walk over a 4500 pass that is very steep. This camping trek goes from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley and then goes back to Chengdu on a different road. It takes 4-5 days.

Camping Trek to Dafeng Summit

Dafeng is a 5038-meter high mountain in Mount Siguniang and a popular trekking destination in China. A Dafeng Trekking trip starts from Rilong and ends in Rilong. You will need 2 nights 3 days to do the trek. First day to reach base camp at 4300 meters and second day to the summit and come back to base camp, third go back to Rilong.

Camping Trek to Dafeng and Erfeng Summit

This trek starts from Rilong and ends in Rilong. You need 3 nights probably. First day to reach Dafeng base camp, second day to Dafeng Summit and go to Erfeng base camp, thrid day go to Erfeng Summit and come back to Erfeng base camp, fourth day go back to Rilong.

Mountain Sickness

Normally it is better to have more days to do a trekking trip to a place with high elevation. In this Mount Siguniang trekking trip, the elevation gains quickly. Mountain sickness is possible especially when you don’t come to highland very often. Drinking water and take some Diamox maybe helpful. Extra care is necessary even for experienced hikers. It is crucial when you arrive on the first day. Remember to eat enough and drink water especially hot water when possible. Avoid getting cold and protect your stomach all the time. Normally when the hikers get through the first night without any trouble then you should be fine. But during the hiking on the second day, if you don’t feel good or if you have got mountain sickness, you are suggested to give up your walking to the summit and stay at base camp.

Physical Requirement

It is better to have some physical training before you come to do this trek if you don’t go to mountains often. First time hikers are suggested to have enough training and preparation to do any trekking in Mount Siguniang. The hard trek is a lot of pressure on your lungs and your muscles. The walking days are not long but please be aware of the elevation and walking distance. It is basically short but strenuous. For travelers who have never been to this height better to consult your doctor before you go.

Luggage and Porters

In a camping trek in Mount Siguniang, you will have nights at different campsites. You can leave your other luggage in Chengdu in your hotel and only bring things you need for the hiking. At Rilong most of the accommodations have hot shower and you can always store your luggage in your hotel in Rilong as well. Mount Siguniang trekking involves using porters and pack horses. One horse can carry about 60kg of gears and food. These horses will be in charge of horsemen while hiking. Riding a horse is also an option that many hikers are doing. A horseman or horsewoman will be assigned to a riding horse normally to make sure the rider is safe. But when you are on a horse back, you need always to be careful.

Price of PorterFor Riding: around 300 yuan, for packing: 150 yuan.

Mount Siguniang Camping Trekking Packing list

trekking boots, trekking hat, Jacket/windbreaker, Base layer/T-shirt, Walking trousers, Thermals, Fleece, Socks

Backpack, -15C down Sleeping bag (mummy), Water bottle, Walking poles, Bum bag, Ropes

Waterproof, Sunglasses, Sun block, Flashlight/headlamp, Insect repellent, Toiletries

Camera, Cell phone, Charger, batteries

First-aid kit, Personal medications

Detailed Information about Mount Siguniang Trekking

Mount Siguniang Hiking Information

Mount Siguniang means Mountain of Four Sisters, indicating the four peaks from south to north, Yaomei Peak being the youngest sister and the tallest one. The trekking to the summit of Dafeng, the oldest sister, is the lowest peak of the four peaks. Erfeng means the second oldest sister. Local people are a sub-group of Tibetan. They are called Jiarong Tibetans. The Jiarong Tibetans are also very nice people. Considering hiking and climbing activities getting popular, people at Mount Siguniang are very experienced workers since years ago. There is no age limit for Mount Siguniang Trekking generally but normally between 12 and 60 are considered a safe age range to do this place although we have seen people over 70 who did it before. Generally Trekking in Mount Siguniang is not very long but it can be difficult and can be dangerous if you are not prepared.

Elevation and Walking Distance

Elevation of the walkings in Mount Siguniang is generally between 3000 meters and 5050 meters. Daily gain can be very big such as a Dafeng trek, in which it gains over 1000 meters in a day from Rilong to Dafeng base camp. Rilong is at the elevation of 3000 meters. Changping Valley is between 3200 meters and 3900 meters. The pass between Changping Valley and Bipeng Valley is at around 4500 meters. Base camp of Dafeng is 4300 meters. Base camp of Erfeng is at 4400 meters. Summit of Dafeng is at 5038 meters, Summit of Erfeng is also at 5038 meters. A daily walking distance is recommended to be within 20km as the elevation gain/loss is big.

Terrain and Trails under Foot

Mount Siguniang Hiking Trails

There are basically two kinds of trails you will experience during a Mount Siguniang Trekking. First one is the trail at lower elevation where you may see bushes and grass. These trails are recognizable and easy to walk (some are paved boardwalks). The second kind of trail is at high elevation generally after the base camp or at places with elevation over 4000 meters. These trails are made out on the rocks. Although many hikers use these trails very often but you are suggested to have a local guide with you for this part because the snow may cover the trail and at such elevation the snow stays for a long time. For the days of hiking at Mount Siguniang, you will see stunning views of beautiful peaks for most of the time whilst hiking.

The Camping

A camping trek in Mount Siguniang involves multi-days of camping. There are plenty places you can camp in the valleys of Mount Siguniang. In Changping Valey they are building new huts for hikers right now. The Dafeng base camp is generally a very good campsite. It is quite flat. The elevation of the base camp is at about 4400 meters. At the campsite, there is a lodge for rent. They have basic bunks for hikers to sleep overnight. But you can always use your own tent. There are no dangerous animals around the campsite. And campfire is not allowed here as this is a national park although you wouldn’t be able to find any firewood easily when you are at elevation.

Mount Siguniang Hiking Camping

Try to have your tents set up close to each other as there maybe lots of hikers stay overnight here as well. If you are hiking in a busy season, you need to be aware of your gears and always keep them in check. On the other hand, if you are the only camper there, do turn on the light in your tent while you go to toilet during night time because the fog can come very quick and you may get lost in the fog. In the monsoon season, sometimes the fog is very thick that you won’t be able to see outside of 5 meters.

Eat and Drink

Try to eat healthy and do not drink from the streams directly. If you are using packhorses, the horsemen can cook for you for dinner and breakfast. The meals are basically Chinese food in a Sichuan flavor. It is good to eat something hot and fresh while hiking although you can always use your own mountain food that you are used to. At Rilong, you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. You can also find many groceries selling snacks like chocolate and other food. There is also Tibetan bread you can consider. As of drinking, you can buy bottled water from Rilong or you can always cook water by yourself at campsite. Water purifier is also a solution but it is better to cook the water and always drink boiled water here.

Safety Issues

At Rilong when you use the local guesthouse, remember to ask for a key of your room and lock it while you are not in the room. It is necessary as Rilong is having more and more travelers coming. Losing something important will usually be an unpleasant experience. While at campsite, keep your expensive gears inside of your tent and always have your valuable things in your daypack. Mount Siguniang is a more developed traveler destination and the people here are experienced workers and some professional. Basically you won’t have any safety troubles in terms of robbery or loss of belongs. Also try not to offend local people by negotiation too much as it is not popular at present. The prices of services are actually not as cheap as before and the now prices are considered reasonable at local standard.

At Mount Siguniang, the rescue is very efficient and quick comparing to other hiking destinations in China. If you are suffering heavy mountain sickness while hiking, the horsemen will decide and transfer you down to lower land quickly with their horses. In a word, the local workers are quite experienced and reliable. They started to work as mountain guides since 1980s. At present, Mount Siguniang is also considering to run a helicopter rescue service, it will have a more integrated rescue system maybe in the next few years.

Mount Siguniang Dafeng Trekking Map

Mount Siguniang Trekking Map

Mount Siguniang Trekking Itinerary

Mount Siguniang Trek

Mount Siguniang Dafeng Hiking Tour– 5 Days

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date
Route: Chengdu / Mount Siguniang / Chengdu

This is a short expedition to Mount Siguniang from Chengdu. You will have the chance to hike to the summit of a 5000 meters’ mountain, Dafeng of Mount Siguniang, where lie the beautiful peaks known as the oriental Alps. This is a very good expedition while you see the alpine views within a limited time.

Mount Siguniang Trek

Mount Siguniang Dafeng Join in Hiking Tour– 5 Days

Departure: Group Tour / Fixed Date
Route: Chengdu / Mount Siguniang / Chengdu

Join a group and hike to a 5000+ meters peak of Dafeng at Mount Siguniang with affordable price. Have views of the splendid mountains of Mount Siguniang and adventure at borderland of historical China and Tibet. Besides, you will also go to visit the Chinese Treasure - the Giant Panda at Wolong Panda Base.

Mount Siguniang Trek

Mount Siguniang Hiking Tour– 6 Days

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date
Route: Chengdu / Mount Siguniang / Lixian / Chengdu

6-Day Mount Siguniang hiking starts from Chengdu, a perfect hiking adventure near Chengdu to explore the wonderful nature of Sichuan. Hike from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley total waling 3-4 days. Witness Mount Siguniang and the many other mountains around Mount Siguniang at a close range.

Mount Siguniang Hiking

Mount Siguniang Lodge- Based Hiking Tour– 4 Days

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date
Route: Chengdu / Mount Siguniang / Chengdu

This 4-day hiking trip to Mount Siguniang is perfectly designed for outdoor lovers and families. Mount Siguniang is considered to oriental Alps due to its natural alpine beauty of mountains and amazing landscapes. Two days of hiking into the valleys with flexibility of hiking time and distance to choose. This trip also included a visit to the Panda Base in Wolong and a visit the time-honored Dujiangyan Irrigation System.

Reviews of Mount Siguniang from Former Hikers

"Beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery! Our favorite place in china! You really get to experience the nature of china! We took a trip with a Chinese group from Chengdu and the entire ride we were looking out the window and saw such beautiful sites, greenery, mountains and natural creations. It was an incredible experience! When we went it was really cold so make sure to check out the weather beforehand. Enjoy!" ---Theamirs

"At the time i visit, the place still can named " ??" under its Tibet culture, the village is still quite and calm, the mountains are brilliant that many floral and animals species i never see.But it will change to commercial very soon, go asap " ---MaggieW

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