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Hailuogou is a glacier national park located southeast of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is by the east face of Mount Gongga(Miya Konka) at the east boundary of Eastern Tibetan Plateau. Inside this park there are hanging glaciers, hundreds of ice caves, giant icefalls and quiet forest. Among them the Great Icefall is 1000 meters’ long and 1100 meters’ wide. The glaciers locate by the elevation of around 2800 meters above sea level. The difference of plantations is massive between the base at Moxi and Camp 4 at the highest location of the park.

Hailuogou Travel and Tours

Hailuogou East

Snow-capped Mountains

Hailuogou Glacier Park is in the core area of Hengduan Mountain Range. The place where the glacier parks lies is called Daxue Mountain Range. This range is also known as Minya Konka, or Mount Gongga, among which mount Gongga is the highest mountain soaring up to 7556 meters. There are 45 6000+ meters’ peaks and over 100 5000+ meters’ peaks as well. It is one of the biggest mountain ranges that are close to a 10 million people city. And one of its most boasted features is the golden glows on the mountain in the morning when the sun light hits the tip of the peak.


Fog is also considered one of the essences that made Hailuogou Glacier Park a wonderland. There is always fog everywhere in the mountain. Especially in the morning when the sun comes our and there are still fog stay by the side of the mountain peaks. Also in China, foggy places are believed to be the places where deities live.


There are a few hundreds of glaciers in this park with a coverage of over 300 sqkm. The No. 1 glacier is 15km’s long and 16 sqkm’s big. Its end stretches 6km into the forest. It is one of the lowest glaciers at the same longitude in the world. Visitors can walk from Camp 3 to get really close to this glacier. In the glacier, there are lots of hidden ice ponds, ice caves, ice arches, etc. And the Great Icefall is very stunning. It is 1000 meters’ long and 1100 meters’ wide.

The Pristine Forest

The forests are well protected in this park. The number of trees is up to a million. It is a necessary part of this park and its diversity is big: from bamboo forest at around 2000 metes to rhododendron at around 3000 meters to pine trees at 4000 meters. It is a very lush place and home to Giant Pandas and Tibetan Macaques.

Red Rock Slide

The red rock slides are another wonders of Hailuogou Glacier Park. In the neighboring valleys like Yanzi Valley and Nanmenguan Valley, there are big slides of red rocks have been found especially the one on the way to the pass of Yajiageng. Looking from the far away, the slide looks like blood flowing from the hard rock and through the green forest and then into the riverbed.

Hailuogou Park Service Line: 0836-3266550;

Opening Time: 07:00~12:30 in fall and winter and 07:30~14:00 in spring and summer;

Entrance Charge: 92 Chinese yuan;

Tourist Bus: 70 yuan per ticket round way;

Cable Car: 150 yuan per ticket round way.

Hailuogou Travel Guide and Tours
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    Walking Hailuogou Glacier Park

    The walk from Camp 3 to the glacier is about 2 hours' walk in the thick forest and you will get the chance to touch the giant glaciers by yourself by the end of the walk. YOu can even walk to explore the glaciers.

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    Hot Springs

    Different from the cold of the mountains and weather, the hot spring is very hot and welcoming. Many local hot spring resorts have been built up for travelers today at both the town of Moxi and in the park at Camp 2.

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    Yangzigou Park

    The neighboring valley is called Yangzigou Valley located at the north to Hailuogou Valley. It is also a every beautiful glacier park that is more wild and deeper. It also requires a full day's visit to this park.

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    Moxi Town

    It is called Moxi Zhen, the small town by the entrance of the park at the base. It is a tourist small place used to be a small village. A cathlic church and a former Red Army residence are something interesting to see.

Getting There and Around

There are two options to travel to Hailuogou. The first one isto take a bus. There are two scheduled buses depart from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station by 09:30 and 09:50. It takes about 7 hours from Chengdu to Hailuogou. Bus ticket costs 116 yuan per person. The bus arrives in Moxi, or Hailuogou in the afternoon. The other way is to take a flight from Chengdu to Kangding and rent a car from Kangding taking about 3 hours to Hailuogou. Moxi is the place that generally referred as Hailuogou, which is the same name of the Glacier Park.

Inside this park, you will need to take the tourist site bus to go to Camp 3 from the entrance of the park for 30km. The bus takes over 40 minutes before it arrives at Camp 3 where you are supposed to walk to the Glaciers or take the bus further to the cable car terminal to use the cable car to Camp 4 where you can see the peak of Mount Gongga. The bus costs 70 yuan per person. Cable car costs 150 yuan per person and the entrance ticket costs 92 yuan per person.

Useful Hailuogou Travel Tips

Gathered below is the most useful travel guide to Hailuogou. Important travel information of Hailuogou includes travel season and climate, detailed and useful Hailuogou travelers’ maps, tips for traveling in Hailuogou, accommodation and food issues about traveling to Hailuogou.

Travel Season

The best season to travel to Hailuogou is from October to the next February when weather is generally good and you have a better chance to the peak of Moung Gongga and the Great Icefall. In October and November, the mountain is very colorful when the leaves of the trees start to change color. It is a four-season park. more>>

Planning Ideas

It's a weekend tour from Chengdu after the new highway from Chengdu to Luding is completed. It should take only 5 hours to get there by driving from Chengdu. Although anther popular way to do it is to combine other visits to Kangding, Tagong or even Daocheng Yading, etc together to have a multi-day trip in western Sichuan.

Useful Travel Maps

Find useful travel maps of Hailuogou including transport map, location map and tourist map of Yangzigou.

Accommodation and Food

There are good hotels in Moxi while inside the park the hotel option is limited and expensive.

Hailuogou Tour Packages

View below the best-selected tour packages of Hailuogou.

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    Western Sichuan Adventure Hiking Tour - 9 Days from $1090

    In this week-long Small Circle in western Sichuan, you have the chance to experience real Tibetan culture and beautiful Tibetan landscapes. Highlights include Hailuogou Glacier Park, Kangding, Tagong Tibetan town, Danba Tibetan Village and the snow-capped Mount Siguniang.


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