Daocheng Yading Hiking Tour – 6 days

Daocheng Yading Hiking Tour – 6 days

Chengdu to Daocheng Yading Travel Map

Trip Information

Price: from $659 based on 6 pax

Destinations Visited: Xinduqiao (1 night), Daocheng (3 nights), Kangding (1 night)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

Daocheng Yading is one of the Lost Horizons on earth. It is a beautiful fairyland hidden in the far west of Sichuan. It is not for the heart-fainted. To aspire the holy mountains include Yangmaiyong, Xiannairi and Xianuoduoji on a week-long bus tour from Chengdu. Embrace the stunning views of Milk Lake, Wuse Lake and Pearl Lake in the park will bring you an experience of lifetime.

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Day 1 Chengdu – Xinduqiao

Your Yading Adventure starts by riding from Chengdu into the wild west of Sichuan. Along the way you have the chance to see the landscape over your window and stops for toilets and lunch. The road you will be on is the famous national highway 318, which is used by many off-the-main-road travelers who want to see the beautiful nature and great Tibet. You will probably see some hardcore cyclists on the road or even hikers. It is a pleasure to feel that you are traveling here to see the views that most people won’t have the chance to see. After a day’s drive normally about 8 to 9 hours, arrive in your hotel in Xinduqiao, a stopover place for people going further place here. If you are a photo lover, Xinduqiao is a good place where you may catch good moments of photos by dust or dawn. Overnight Xinduqiao.

Day 2 Xinduqiao – Shangri-La Town

Xinduqiao is at the altitude of around 3500 meters so you had better take suggestions from your guide about how to deal with mountain sickness and other safety issues. You will keep driving for this day too. Today on the road you will see views from very high places. The road is at altitude around 4000 meters passing several high mountain passes. There are places you stop for toilets and take photos. After Litang, you will pass the splendid Haizi Shan and down to Shangti-La town, formerly named Riwa, the town by the entrance of Yading Park. Its elevation is at 2800 meters, a good offset of the former day’s tension. Check in hotel and overnight here.

  • Xinduqiao

  • Haizi Shan

Day 3 Yading Hiking

Today start from your hotel and use the public bus by the entrance of the Yading Nature Reserve. Arrive and walk to Luorong Yak Ranch and walk to Niunai Lake (Milk Lake). Elevation climbs to over 4000 meters. Here you have splendid views of the two of the sacred mountains of Yading: Xianuoduoji and Yangmaiyong. These mountains are about 6000 meters’ tall and this place is well protected to remain its original looking. After Milk Lake you can keep walking to Wuse Lake, a bigger lake that is 100 meters higher than Milk Lake. And if you are a fit walker, you can even walk to the Songduo Pass, which is by the end of the valley and the highest place of the park at 4500 meters. Walking time is around 2-4 hours single way. A horse-riding is available if you get there early. An electricity car ride is involved during your visit before walking. After the walk, come back the same way back to Shangri-La town. Overnight in Shangri-La town.

  • Hiking in Yading

  • Beautiful Luorong Yak Ranch

Day 4 Yading Hiking - Daocheng

Today start from your hotel and use the public bus again by the entrance of the Yading Nature Reserve. Today you don’t have to use horse nor electricity car. The visit is to Pearl Lake by Chonggu Temple after your tourist bus ride. The Pearl Lake is by the foot of Xiannairi. It is a stunning lake with beautiful reflection of mountains around it. Xiannairi is considered by local people a Buddha with significance of religious sacredness. The walk is around half an hour to get there. After your photo and walking around there, come back the same way and ride to Daocheng. Overnight in Daocheng.

  • Tibetan Monastery Chonggusi

  • Views from Pearl Lake

Day 5 Daocheng - Kangding

Daocheng is a small city with an elevation of 3800 meters. With your walking on over 4000 meters in Yading Park, this height won’t be a challenge for you anymore. Daocheng is a nice city with colorful forest around it in fall. Today you will start to drive back to Chengdu using the same road. This is when you realize how far Yading is. But only the most beautiful view hides far and remote. Isn’t it? Another town is arranged for an overnight stay going back instead of Xinduqiao so you will have chance to see different places. Kangding is a historical town between the traditional Tibet and Chine and one of the important towns where ancient people do business on the Southern Silk Road. After around 8 hours of driving, arrive and check in hotel. Overnight in Kangding.

  • Kangding Monastery

  • Dancing Kangding People

Day 6 Kangding - Chengdu

Drive back to Chengdu full day and have a good rest on your bus/car. This is the day you start to recover from the stress of traveling and simmering the aftertaste of Yading. Maybe you can start to plan your visits to Chengdu or around. After a day’s drive arrive in Chengdu and you will be dropped off at your hotel. Your Yading Adventure tour ends.

What's included in this price?

  • English-speaking guide
  • Comfortable private transfers
  • Entrance Charges, site buses
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Service charge

What's excluded in this price?

  • Flights
  • Chinese visa fee
  • Optional tips for guide and driver
  • Personal expenses

Tips from local tour guide

1. This is the standard practical itinerary. If you want, we can also cutomize it to your personal need, no matter you want to shorten or extend your travel length, no matter what class of accommodation you prefer...

2. This trip is available from April to November. The best seasons are May, June, July, August and September, October. Winter is too cold but still doable.

3. This adventure involves walking at parks and horse trails. So walking boots are necessary for this tour. In this hiking. Elevation at most of these sights are quite high as much to 3800 meters. Precautions for mountain sickness are necessary as well. Rain proof and Sun block are also necessary when you are traveling at these places for weather changes quickly at high altitude.

4. This is a ground tour. It goes to places where the tourist facilities may not meet with standards. Western Sichuan is not a fully-developed place and unexpected incidents may happen due to bad weather, landslide in certain seasons and possible heavy traffic jams.

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