Sichuan Travel Essential Information

Sichuan, short known as Chuan or Shu, is situated in southwestern China. It has fertile earth, rich natural resource, long history, diverse culture and impressive ethnic groups.

As one of most important part of Chinese history and culture, the history of Sichuan can be traced back to more than 4000 years ago. There were two original kingdoms Ba and Shu in ancient Sichuan before Qin Dynasty unified China together. During the following two thousand years, many kingdoms ruled Sichuan, and left many historical relics and sites. Shu Has was the most outstanding kingdom. And many brilliant attractions are related its history and famous figures, such as the Wuhou Temple, Jianmenguan Pass, Huanhou Temple in Langzhong.

Religious and ethnic cultures are two great highlights for tourists. There are many world famous religious sites, such as Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Emeishan, Qingchengshan Mountain, Wenshu Temple, etc. Currently, there are 14 ethnic groups inhabiting in Sichuan, they are rating by population: Yis, Tibetan, Qiangs, Miaos, Huis, Mongols, Tujias, Lisus, Mans, Naxis, Buyis, Bais, Zhuangs and Dais. Among all groups, Yi, Tibetan and Tibetan are three most influential ones which have a system of culture, including religion, character, calendar, festivals, etc. Yi people inhabit in Liangshan regions where you can visit the famous Luguhu Lake. Tibetan mostly gather in Ganzi region where is the wildest area in Sichuan with many high snow mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. Qiang people mainly live in Aba Prefecture in northern Sichuan which is full of places to go, such as Jiuzhaigou, Langmu Temple, Ruoergai Prairie, Siguniang Mountains, etc.

Traveling in Sichuan, of course, you can miss the famous Sichuan Cuisine – ranked in “Four Greatest Chinese Cuisines”. Sichuan cuisine delights people with a wide range of materials, tastes, forms. It successfully combines the highlights of other cuisines in China featuring in special seasonings.

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