Sichuan Self Driving Travel

Sichuan is the buffering area of stretching from the high Qinghai Tibet Plateau to the lower eastern flat areas, which results in diverse geographic forms, including plateau in western Sichuan, mountain ranges in northern and southern Sichuan, and basin and plains in central Sichuan. The western and northern Sichuan are mostly mountainous areas with poor transfer access but rich travel resources. So self driving is the best way to explore the awe-inspiring landscape and spectacular local culture.

Sichuan Travel Guide

Western Sichuan Small Circle

Leave Chengdu, taking the 317 National Highway, and drive back to Chengdu with 318 National Highway. Route - Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Yingxiu – Wolong - Mount Siguniang – Xiaojin – Danba – Bamei – Tagong – Xindu Qiao – Kangding – Luding – Hailuogou Valley – Tianquan – Yaan – Chengdu. This route allows you to explore Kham Tibetan Region with a flexible pace – snow mountains, valleys, glaciers, pasture, Tibetan villages. Every destination on the road is a unique tourist destination, including some world famous sites, such as Dujiangyan Irrigation System, Wolong Panda Reserve, Mount Siguniang, Hailuogou, Valley, etc. If you want to go rush, you can finish this route with a week. But we suggest you a slower pace to see more.

317 National Highway Adventure

From Chengdu of central Sichuan to Baiyu in most west Sichuan. In the first two day, you will drive to Seda, via Dujiangyan, Wenchuan, Li County, Maerkang with an approximate driving distance of 610km. The third day is for you to explore sacred Seda which is famous for Wuming Buddhism School. On the fourth day, drive from Seda to Mani Gange town to see the wild landscape of Xinluhai Lake on the foot of famous Queershan Mountain. On the fifth day, you will cross over the Queershan Mountain,and drive to Dege to see the famous Dege Scripture Printing Lamasery. The sixth and seventh days are for you to visit some featured Tibetan monasteries in Kham, including Baiyu Monastery, Gatuo Monastery and Yaqing Monastery. And drive back to Chengdu from Ganzi on the eighth and ninth day.

Sichuan Travel Guide
Sichuan Travel Guide

213 National Highway Leisure Self Driving

This self driving tour takes to explore the northern Sichuan – Aba. Starting from Chengdu, via Wenchuan, Mao County and Songpan to famous world heritage Jiuzhaigou Valley, then extend to much northen Langmusi Temple, turn back from eastern side crossing Tangke, Hongyuan, Miyaluo, Li County, and back to Chengdu. The road condition of this route is very good, and suitable for different kinds of vehicles. You probably need at least a week to see the highlights while driving the way.

318 National Road Adventure

The 318 National Road is the most adventurous self driving route in China for it linking the high southwestern China, including three of most popular travel destinations in China – Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet. Departing from Chengdu, drive pass by Yanan, Luding, Kangding, Yajiang, Litang, you can get to Daocheng Yading. Due to the long distance, high altide and bad road condition, this route required experienced driving skill. From Daocheng, you can even overland drive to another province – Yunnan to see the neighboring destinations, such as Shangri La and Lijiang.

Sichuan Travel Guide