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Sichuan is full of adventures. There are too many interesting places for you to explore. While it is not always easy to find like-minded companions to travel with, also not easy to take on all the expenses for a private tour guide and vehicle. But with us, you can travel Sichuan in a hassle-free way at the same time by a much cheaper price since we will take care of all the details - routes, transfer, food, insurance, guide... More importantly, we will find you many like-minded friends to join in you to enjoy the adventure.

At this moment, We really have to show you something that only we can do in Sichuan Province. So What Are Our Best Offers:

  • Gather panda funs from all over the world to make the real impact on helping Giant Panda - Dujiangyan Panda Volunteer Program;
  • Harvest the fairytale landscape of Jiuzhaigou during the best and most beautiful seasons;
  • Launch monthly expedition teams to conquer the King of Sichuan Mountains - Minya Kongka;
  • Explore the mysterious Oriental Alps - Mount Siguniang.
Sichuan Group Tours

1 Day Dujiangyan Panda Base Volunteer Group Tour

Join in our budget, quality and efficient group tour to make a real impact in saving endangered Giant Pandas - meaningful Panda Volunteer Program which includes cleaning panda enclosures, feeding pandas, etc. So far, the Dujiangyan Panda Base is the only place in Sichuan where you can do the volunteering works. It is only about one hour's driving from Chengdu city.

Price: $56

Destinations Visited: Chengdu - Dujiangyan (1 day)

Available Departures: December 16, 2017 | January 7, 2018 | February 11, 2018 ...

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Sichuan Group Tours

4 Day Budget Jiuzhaigou Group Tour from Chengdu

There is a place in Sichuan that every traveler should go with best preserved beauty of the wild nature, most beautifull waterfall groups, hidden lakes among valleys, wild forests with different colors. The name of that palace – Jiuzhaigou. More than 450km away from Chengdu, it is usually cost a lot of money to pay a trip to Jiuzhaigou if you taking a private tour package. Here we have brought you the best deal of Jiuzhaigou tour in a small group, much lower price, high quality service. Don’t miss it.

Price: From $406

Destinations Visited: Maoxian (1 night) , Jiuzhaigou (2 nights)

Available Departures: Unavailable ...

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Sichuan Group Tours

5 Day Mount Siguniang Dafeng Group Hiking Tour

Join a group and hike to a 5000+ meters peak of Dafeng at Mount Siguniang with affordable price. Have views of the splendid mountains of Mount Siguniang and adventure at borderland of historical China and Tibet. Besides, you will also go to visit the Chinese Treasure - the Giant Panda at Wolong Panda Base.

Price: From $686

Destinations Visited: Mount Siguniang(4 nights including 2 nights' camping)

Available Departures: March 26, 2018 | April 30, 2018 | May 28, 2018 ...

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Sichuan Group Tours

9 Day Mount Gongga(Minya Konka) Join in Hiking Tour

Join in Group Hiking tour is now available at Scihuan Travel Guide. A group hiking tour to Minya Konka provides you excellent highland mountain views and nomads Tibetan people with affordable price. Come and join us on this hiking to explore the accessible Tibet in 9 days in a group.

Price: From $1142

Destinations Visited: Kangding (2 nights) , Mount Gongga (6 nights)

Available Departures: May 6, 2018 | Jul 6, 2018 | Aug 6, 2018...

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