Mount Siguniang Travel Season

Mount Siguniang locates between sub-tropical zone and continental highland zone. Due to its high elevation, summer is cool and winter is cold. It is generally considered dry at Mount Siguniang. Raining season come from April to September with the most rain in May and June normally. In spring there are usually snows and strong wind. In winter the weather calms down to low temperature and less windy days. Also due to its high elevation, temperature in a day changes a lot sometimes over 20C. Mount Siguniang has a less distinct four-season change with an average temperature throughout the year at 12.2C. Generally October to the next April, the weather is good, often with sunny days but cold. From May to September come the raining season and the raining days usually take almost half of the time according to former statistics. As any other place at such elevation, in a day it is cool in the morning, hot at noon and usually blue sky, at evening it is cool and windy.

Best seasons to travel to Mt. Siguniang are August, October and November. August is the summer time and has lower possibility of rains than July. Summer is not cold as autumn. October and November are dry and have better chance of good weather. November is colder though October will see more travelers. Second half of April, May, June July, September, December, January are also good travel time to Mount Siguniang. April may be cold as well. May, June and July will have higher possibility of raining days; among which July is the warmest though. September is like June and a possible of consecutive cloudy or drizzling days. December and January are also good time to travel to Mount Siguniang but it is cold.

Mt. Siguniang Travel Season

February to March are the snow-accumulating time of the year. Normally it will have lots of snow accumulated on the mountains, making the walking difficult or even impossible to access. But all of these are not definite as in the mountains one is difficult to tell how the weather is going to be like. These are the sums made from former experiences we traveled there.

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Mt. Siguniang Tour
Mount Siguniang Hiking Tour– 4 Days

Route: Chengdu - Mt.Siguniang - Chengdu

Mt. Siguniang Tour
Mount Siguniang Dafeng Group Hiking Tour – 5 days

Route: Chengdu - Mt.Sguniang - Chengdu

Mt. Siguniang Tour
Mount Siguniang Bipenggou Hiking – 6 Days

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