Shuangqiao Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

Shuangqiao Valley of Mount Siguniang is the best place to do ice-climbing in China. Every winter it has many good icefalls formed up. Shuangqiao Valley is very easy to access; you just need to pay the fee for entrance ticket and bus and the fee for ice-climbing. Your climb can be either fully-supported or self-supported. Read below of the detailed locations for ice-climbing in Shuangqiao of Mount Siguniang.

Mt. Siguniang - Shuangqiao Valley

Icefalls in Shuangqiaogou

Map of Icefalls in Shuangqiao gou Valley of Mount Siguniang.

Mt. Siguniang - Icefalls Map

Each Incefall Details

Name From Park Entrance-Bus From Road-Walk Coordinates Altitude Angle Height Width Difficulty Level Bus Stop
Wuse Icefall 7km 380m 102°47'18''E, 31°02'43''N 3307m 75 30m 10m WI3 Caogoudi
Huangbailong Icefall 8.5km 820m 102°46'48''E, 31°02'27''N 3458m 70 160m 12m WI3 Hongshuigou
Mahuanggou Icefall 12km 500m 102°46'46''E, 31°04'31''N 3343m 70 70m 20m WI3 Mahuanggou
Dragon Wall 12km 500m 102°46'37''E, 31°05'01''N 3373m 80 80m 25m WI4 Pianqiaogou
Guangqian No.1 Icefall 13km 430m 102°46'26''E, 31°05'04''N 3478m 80-90 30m 10m WI4 Chenzika
Guangqian No.2 Icefall 13.5km 500m 102°46'26''E, 31°05'05''N 3478m 90 35m 10m WI4 Chenzika
Shenxiandong Icefall 14km 610m 102°46'53''E, 31°05'09''N 3433m 70-80 [400m2] WI3+ Shenxiandong
Baiyangou Icefall 14.3km 600m 102°46'33''E, 31°05'39''N 3382m 70-80 [300m2] WI3+ Baiyangou
Mutizi Icefall 14.3km 650m 102°46'54''E, 31°05'10''N 3388m 80-90 50m 15m WI4 Mutizi
Dashibao Icefall 18km 635m 102°46'05''E, 31°07'36''N 3341m 70 [350m2] WI3+ Dashibaogou
The Wing 21.7km 800m 102°46'13''E, 31°08'44''N 3478m 80-90 120m 20m WI4+ Nianyuba
Nianyuba Icefall 23.8km 850m 102°46'58''E, 31°09'22''N 3487m 90 80m 10m WI5+ Nianyuba
Xuebengkou Icefall 24.7km 1200m 102°46'46''E, 31°04'31''N 3535m 80-90 [760m2] WI4+ Xueshan Laowu
Yangtianwo Icefall 27km 300m 102°45'56''E, 31°09'33''N 3490m 60-80 170m 5m WI3+ Yangtianwo
Baihaizi Icefall 29.8km 700m 102°45'52''E, 31°12'25''N 3653m 60-90 35m 15m WI4+ Niupengzi


A recommended travel planning of ice-climbing in Shuangqiao will need at least three days from Chengdu:

Day 01 Drive from Chengdu to Rilong and acclimatize.

Day 02 Going to Shaungqiao in the morning and climb the ice falls.

Day 03 Drive back to Chengdu

A 500 yuan Ice-climbing fee is required by the park. We can apply this ice-climbing permit for you.

Entrance Ticket: 80 yuan per person for high season (Apr - Nov), 60 yuan per person for low season (Dec - Mar)

Tourist Bus: 60 yuan per person

Working Hour:8:00-18:00

Recommended Time to Spend:1 day