Rough Cost for Mount Siguniang Travel

updated on January 23, 2017

The cost for a Mount Siguniang trip differs from people to people and from different travel styles including independent either budget or comfortable traveling. The costs differ also in different seasons as well. In the tourist season such as July, August, September, and October the price on everything will cost more. And in low seasons the cost will be lower. Recorded below are the details of cost on each item that you will inevitably or possibly spend, unit in Chinese yuan.

Transfer to Mount Siguniang

  • Bus from Chengdu: 92 per person;
  • Shared Taxi from Chengdu: 200-400/per person;
  • Rented Car: 1000-1200 per car.

Attraction Ticket

Changping Valley

  • Entrance: 70 per person (Apr - Nov), 50 per person (Dec - Mar);
  • An extra of 20 per person for the bus;
  • An extra 150 required if camping.

Haizi Valley

  • Entrance: 60 per person (Apr - Nov), 40 per person (Dec - Mar);
  • An extra 150 required if camping.

Shuangqiao Valley

  • Entrance: 80 per person (Apr - Nov), 60 per person (Dec - Mar);
  • An extra of 60 per person for the tourist bus ticket;
  • An extra 150 required if camping.

Climbing Permit

  • Dafeng: 300 per person;
  • Erfeng: 500 per person;
  • Any Ice climbing: 500 per person.
  • For Climbing fees for other peaks, please read further here: more>>


  • Average cost for a local Tibetan guesthouse: about 150 per night;
  • Average cost for a economy hotel: about 200-300 per night.


There is no luxury restaurant in Mount Siguniang. In the small town you will be able to find some noodle restaurants which will normally cost about 10-30 per person and Sichuan Stir-fry with rice Restaurants. If you are staying in one of the local guesthouses, normally they provide food as well. A rice meal usually costs between 20 and 40 per person.

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