Mount Siguniang Hiking Tour

Mount Siguniang Dafeng Self Guided Hiking Tour - 5 Days

Chengdu to Mount Siguniang Travel Map

Trip Information

Price: USD382 PP based on 2 pax

Destinations Visited: Mount Siguniang(4 nights)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

This is a cheapest budget self-guided tour to Dafeng Summit of Mount Siguniang using public transport. It is an economy way of traveling to Mount Siguniang and for people who have a budget. You will take pubic bus from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang, and return to Chengdu by the same way. You can also don't have to hire a tour guide. We will arrange the necessary porter and accommodation for your trek to the top of Dafeng Summit. It is an expedition of a life time to Mount Siguniang Dafeng Summit with affordable price.

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Day 01 Chengdu – Mount Siguniang

Go to Chadianzi Bus Station in the morning and collect your pre-booked bus ticket. The bus will go over Balang Pass and you will have your first glimpse of Mount Siguniang Yaomei Peak by Maobiliang when you are arriving the town by the foot of Mount Siguniang named Rilong. Check in and acclimatize yourself at elevation of 3200 meters.

Overnight Local Guesthouse.

Driving for 4-5 hours

On the Way to Mt. Siguniang

Mount Siguniang from Maobiliang

Day 02 Mount Siguniang Acclimatization Walking day

Today you will walk the Changping Valley of Mount Siguniang between elevation of 3400 meters and 3900 meters as an acclimatization day walking, preparing for your summit to Dafeng. You will start from where you stay and use a eco bus to the starting point of today's hiking. You can choose how far and how long you want to walk in order to get your body acclimatized to local elevation at Mount Siguniang. Try ot to stress yourself today as it is an orientation day.

Overnight Local Guesthouse.

Trekking: 4-8 hours/12km-20km

Changpin Valley
Changping Valley

Acclimatization Walking
Mount Siguniang Hiking

Day 03 Mount Siguniang Town – Dafeng Base Camp Hiking

First day’s trekking to Dafeng base camp. Start by 8.30 in the morning and register at local office first. After worth start walking by a small ascent to the entrance. The trail is total horse trail all the way to Base Camp. The walking is on sometimes gradual and sometime a little steep trails. By the first hour we will be able to see the full view of Mount Siguniang and her sister mountains at its south ridge. After this we will be walking further into the Haizi Valley. Lunch at around Dajianbao and then continue walk to Base Camp. It can get quite windy and elevation rises quickly to around 4300 meters. Today you had better to be extra careful about warm-keeping and also to drink water to avoid yourself from dehydration and mountain sickness. Today is crucial to a successful summit to Dafeng and Erfeng. Our staff will make suggestions to you to make sure everyone is in good condition for the night. After arrive at Base Camp, hot water will be prepared for you and it is also time for you to rest a little bit after one full day’s walking. Dinner before dark.

Overnight in hut or camping

Trekking: 14km/6~7 hours

Mount Siguniang Hiking at Haizi Valley

Hiking to Base Camp

Day 04 Dafeng Base Camp – Dafeng Summit – Base Camp

Wake up in the morning and check your partners. After breakfast, start on a rugged yet good trail, walk for 3.5km to reach the summit and come back to Dafeng Base camp. The trail is steep at some sections but it has a simple handrail for the final approach that you can hold on to. The summit has the most stunning views of Mount Siguniang probably. It can be very windy by the summit of Dafeng so you need to be careful while taking photos there. It is not a very big place by the summit. After photo time go back to base camp. Walking down may be less stressful but it can be tricky. After arrive in Dafeng Base Camp, you can either stay there for one more night or go back to the town at the base for overnight.

Overnight in hut or camping/ or in guesthouse

Trekking 8 – 20km/ 5-10 hours

Mount Siguniang

View from Dafeng

Day 05 Base Camp – Rilong – Chengdu

Walk to Rilong where you started the hiking and wait for the public bus to go back to Chengdu, your Mount Siguniang expedition ends. Say goodbye to your host go back to Chengdu the same way. Your Dafeng Summit Trek ends!

What's included in this price?

  • Climbing permits
  • Public buses as per plan
  • Meals whilst at campsite
  • Accommodations including while on hiking
  • Porters whilst on hiking
  • Service charge

What's excluded in this price?

  • Flights/visas
  • English-speaking guide (optional and in total USD478)
  • Accommodations in Chengdu
  • Entrance fees to Changping Valley and enviroment protection fee to Haizi Valley
  • Meals while not at campsite
  • Sleeping bag
  • Private transfers
  • Optional tips
  • Personal expenses

Tips from local tour guide

1. This trip is available throughout the year. The best seasons are from May to October when weather is generally the best. Winter is too cold and possible heavy snow but still doable according to the weather.

2. This adventure involves walking at parks and horse trails. So walking boots are necessary for this hiking tour. In this tour, elevation whilst on hiking is between 3200 meters to 5000 meters. Precautions for mountain sickness are necessary as well.

3. Rain proof and Sun block are also necessary when you are traveling at these places for weather changes quickly at high altitude.

4. Using public transport saves money but involves carrying heavy packs by yourself between hotels and bus stops.

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