Getting to/around Mount Siguniang

updated on Jan 17, 2017

From Chengdu to Mt. Siguniang

By Bus

In low season (December to March) there are two schedules at Chadianzi Bus Station in Chengdu to Xiaojin ?? (Get off at Rilong???, now it is called Mt. Siguninang Town) at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00am. Bus ticket costs 95 Chinese yuan taking around 4-5 hours. In high season (April to November) three schedules from Chadianzi to Xiaojian (Get off at Rilong) at 6:30, 9:00 and 12:00 with the same price. An online ticket booking website is available that allows you to book ticket three days prior but it is only in Chinese.

They don’t have a direct bus from Chengdu to Mt. Siguniang (Rilong) but the bus from Chengdu to Xiaojin Xian will pass there. Although you have to pay for the full price ticket which is 95 yuan. The bus is generally safe and you will have a seat number printed on your ticket. Normally you use the seat that shows on your ticket. At present the buses in China are all required to have seat belts and you are required to use them as well.

Map of Chadianzi Bus Station

Chadianzi Bus Station Location

Chadianzi Bus Station is located at 289, 5th Section of West Third Ring Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu. Telephone: +86 28 87506610.

Chadianzi Bus Station

By Taxi

Shared-taxi is available. The shared taxi drivers are mostly from around Mt. Siguniang and doing driving service between Chengdu and around Mt. Siguniang. These cars are legally-registered cars but not registered as “Transfer Car” at Transfer Bureau (according to Chinese law, a car needs to be registered to use as a taxi or taxi-like car otherwise it is “illegal transfer”). Using this type of car is more convenient as it is flexible that you can find them anytime of the day. Cost of a shared-taxi to Mt. Siguniang varies from 100 yuan to 400 yuan. Normally a reasonable price would be below 200 yuan. You can find shared taxi near Chadianzi Bus Station or at Yingmenkou. Using a shared taxi sometimes involves negotiation to make sure you don’t get ripped off but it is also wise to sense when to stop.

From Mt. Siguniang to Chengdu

By Bus

The bus is the same as the ones from Chengdu. Buses start from Xiaojin and make a stop at Rilong, where you get on the bus and ride to Chengdu. Rilong is not a bus terminal. Time of waiting is usually at 8:30 and 12:00. Price is the same as going in. A better plan is to find someone who can make a phone call to the bus driver to save you a seat before hand (usually it’s your hotel owner who has the resources). Normally you wait by the side of the road near the bridge and pay attention to the buses passing by. You need to learn the technique of telling the difference of the public bus from the a rented tourist bus: the chartered tourist bus usually does not have a sigh in front of the bus however the public bus definitely has a board in front of the bus behind the windshield saying something like: ?? – ??. This is the only quick way to identify a public bus. Wave to the bus to make sure the bus driver sees you and stops to pick you up.

By Shared Taxi

A shared taxi from Mt. Siguniang to Chengdu is easier to find than the other around and much less tricky. You can also tell your hotel owner to help you on this. They are usually resourceful as they may get a small commission on this or they have some friends or relatives who do this work. Price will be around the same as what it costs from Chengdu to Mt. Siguniang. You need to make sure you are going to be dropped off by your driver at the exact place in Chengdu, for example your hotel although you may be asked to give the driver more money by doing this. Because some of the drivers don’t know the city of Chengdu very well so they will be hastate to go in. This is important because you don’t want to be dropped off somewhere you have no idea of. Another simpler way is to ask to be just dropped off near Chadianzi Bus Station and you take other public transfer from there.

Around Mount Siguniang

From Mt. Siguniang to Danba

A shared taxi is the best way to go to Danba from Mt. Siguniang. The price is between 200 yuan and 300 yuan per person. In Danba the Tibetan villages are located not in the town but rather a few kilometers from the town so you need to tell your driver to drop you into the villages instead of the town otherwise you need to use local taxi to ride to the village from the town.

A more economy way is to use shared taxi to Xiaojin from Mt. Siguniang and use a bus from Xiaojin to Danba. There are many people going to Xiaojin from Mt. Siguniang instead of Danba everday. Xiaojin is around 50 km away and the cost for this part is around 100 yuan. Then from Xiaojin Bus Station you use the bus there to go to Danba. They have 2-3 schedules in the morning and probably in the afternoon as well depending on the season. Bus ticket is cheap. The distance between Danba and Xiaojin is only 60km.

Although you can still use a bus from Mt. Siguniang to go directly to Danba. There are usually two scheduled buses from Chengdu to Danba each day and will pass Rilong by around lunch time. Each season the time the buses arrive Rilong may differ a little. Price for the bus from Mt. Siguniang to Danba is around 50 yuan per person. You can stand by the side of the road to wait for the bus that goes to Danba (??). The bus driver will drop you off at the bus station at Danba in the town.

From Mt. Siguniang to Sertar

Use shared taxi to go to Maerkang (Barkam ???) first and then from there use the bus to Sertar is the best way. Each morning at 7:20 there is a bus from Barkam Bus Station to Sertar. Ticket costs 58 yuan and it takes around 6 hours. Barkam is a big city in the Tibetan part of Sichuan. A shared taxi is easy to find at Rilong. You can let your hotel owner help you on this. Price unknown. Although a more complicated way of traveling (also money-saving) is to go to Xiaojin first and then use the bus there to go to Barkam. There are two schedules from Xiaojin to Barkam each morning costs 39 yuan.

Travelers go to Sertar need to be aware that at present foreigners are now allowed to go in by the local police due to political sensitive issues. The probable case is going to be that you will be told to go back while they do the check at the check point. This is effective from earlier 2016 and probably until the second half of 2017. Travelers who really want to go to Sertar there are of course ways to get in with little troubles.

From Mt. Siguniang to Dujiangyan

Use the bus from Xiaojin to Chengdu or Dujiangyan by waiting by the side of the road or get help from your hotel owner. There are two buses from Xiaojin to Chengdu and there are also two buses from Xiaojin to Dujiangyan. Buses go to Chengdu will normally have a stop by Dujiangyan. Dujiangyan is on the road from Mt. Siguniang to Chengdu. Bus ticket costs less than 80 yuan although it may differ. From Dujiangyan you can do the panda volunteer work there or visit Dujiangyan Irrigation system or go to Qingchengshan, or even Jiuzhaigou.

From Mt. Siguniang to Jiuzhaigou

Go to Dujiangyan first, please read the paragraph above. And then from Dujiangyan there are two buses 8:00, 10:20 scheduled in the morning each day. Ticket price is 98 yuan. From Dujiangyan to Jiuzhaigou is a long drive taking up to 8 hours.

For travelers who wish to go via Barkam and Hongyuan to Jiuzhaigou. It is also not very complicated but it takes more time. There are buses between major/neighboring towns in this area. But normally the bus departs in the morning and your ride between each town is probably usually half day. This way is not very time-efficient.

From Mt. Siguniang to Emeishan / Leshan

Also go to Dujiangyan first, please read the details of transfer between Mt. Siguniang to Dujiangyan above. There are three scheduled buses from Dujiangyan to Leshan each day at 8:30, 10:30 and 14:50. Ticket costs 66 yuan estimated time of traveling is around 2.5 hours. Travelers who go to Emeishan can proceed to Emeishan from Leshan. There are plenty of buses between these two places. Another quick way to do this is to use the fast train in Dujiangyan and transfer to Chengdu and from Chengdu use the fast train to ride to Leshan and Emeishan.

From Mt. Siguniang to Kangding

This planning of travel is very complicated. Please contact our travel expert to help you. Seriously if you are reading this, it means you are a hardcore independent traveler.

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