Mt. Siguniang Accommodation and Food Options

Accommodations in Rilong

Plenty of good hotels have reopened after the new road from Chengdu was completed in October 2016. There are good hotels with 3-star standard available in the town of Rilong. More hotels are more like 2-star standard. There are also plenty of local Tibetan guesthouses, clean and cost-effective. Traveling during the Chinese holidays including first week of May, first week of October, summer school vacations July and August may encounter with booked out rooms at the hotels and guesthouses.

Rilong Guesthouse

2 or 3 star hotels will have decent rooms with air-con and proper shower facility and even western toilet. Rooms in a local guesthouse are more basic but clean and have attached bathroom usually with squat toilet but with hot shower.

Accommodations at Dafeng Base Camp

There are also huts available in Haizi Valley and Changping Valley. While hiking instead of bringing your tent, you can also consider using their huts. Using huts while hiking, you need to bring your sleeping bags. In the huts there are only basic bunks and a shelter for you. Trips to Dafeng summit involves camping or spending the night in a hut. On the way to the summit of Dafeng, there is hut available at Daojianbao (half-day walking from Rilong) and base camp. It costs 100 yuan per person for using the bunk for a night. It is good shelter campering to your tent in bad weather.

Food and Restaurants

Local restaurants are displayed along the single street town Rilong. Plenty of them are Sichuan style with different stir-fries. Although there are also noodle restaurants serve noodles and dumplings. The whole goat or whole chicken barbecues you will see in the street was a traditional way of eating by local Tibetan people, and now it has become a tourist thing. But they are still tasty and you will enjoy the environment of it. Some may think some of the restaurants may not be hygienic from their appearance so you choose the ones that look clean. While in the valleys, in Changping and Shuangqiao Valley there are simple food stalls where you can buy simple snacks and maybe some fruit, ramens, beer and bottled water. In Haizi Valley there are fewer stalls.

Drinking Water

If you have survived this far in China, you will probably have learnt that the water from the tap is not drinkable. Always use bottled water or boiled water from your hotel or restaurants. Most of the hotel rooms have a water heating bottle for the guests to cook water. Whilst on hiking, do not drink the water directly from the river or stream or ice. It can give you diarrhea. There are lots of wild animals living in the forest and we don’t know what is in the water. You are suggested to always boil your water before you drink in the valleys.

Best-selected Mt. Siguniang Packages

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Route: Chengdu - Mt.Siguniang - Chengdu

Mt. Siguniang Tour
Mount Siguniang Dafeng Group Hiking Tour – 5 days

Route: Chengdu - Mt.Sguniang - Chengdu

Mt. Siguniang Tour
Mount Siguniang Bipenggou Hiking – 6 Days

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