Wild Sichuan Ultimate Adventure Tour– 14 Days

Wild Sichuan Ultimate Adventure Tour– 14 Days

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Trip Information

Price: from $1280 based on 6 pax

Destinations Visited: Chengdu (3 nights) , Mount Siguniang (1 night), Danba (1 night), Daofu(1 night), Seda(1 night), Ganzi(2 nights), Dege(1 night), Baiyu(1 night), Litang(1 night), Kangding(1 night)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

This is a two-week long adventure tour into the far most regions of western Sichuan including the snow-capped Mount Siguniang peaks, farming Tibetans of Danba Village, nomads people on the vast grassland, Holy shrine of Seda Buddhist School, the remote paradise of Xinlu Lake, Holy center of Dege, Yaqen Monastery, the Khampa Litang and Kangding. This is a guided private trip starts and ends in Chengdu. Considering the remoteness and authenticity, this is truly a lifetime experience you will have.

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Day 1 Chengdu Arrival

Arrive in Chengdu and be transferred to your hotel in Chengdu.

If you get to Chengdu early, we can also arrange an extra activity in the afternoon, such as visit Jinshan Museum, or take a relaxing walking in a local park.

Day 2 Chengdu City Tour

Today, firstly take a trip to the Chengdu Giant Panda Base where you can get close to these cute babies eating bamboos, playing together on the slide, or climbing the tree. You can also learn some interesting facts about the Giant Pandas, such as their history, habitat, habit, etc. Panda visiting is usually arranged in the morning, because the pandas like sleeping in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, take a short visit to the most sacred Buddhist temple in Chengdu city – Wenshu Temple which is already more than 1400 years old. Appreciate the grandiose temples, chapels in the monastery, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Buddhism. Then go to visit the busiest local park in Chengdu – Renmin Park which is featured in rich folk activities and leisure living style.

After having supper, take a pleasant walking in the fabulous Jinli Old Street to explore the ancient tradition of Chengdu.

Chengdu Giant Panda Base

Wenshu Temple

Day 3 Chengdu – Mount Siguniang

Drive to Dujiangyan and visit the great Irrigation System made by Chinese people 2000 years’ ago. After lunch, keep driving into the mountains while elevation rises up to over 4000 meters. Have your first glimpse of Mount Siguniang Yaomei Peak by the pass of Balang. Arrive at Rilong, the small village by the foot of Mount Siguniang. Check in and acclimatize yourself at elevation of 3200 meters. Overnight Local Guesthouse.

Dujiangyan Nanqiao

Mount Siguniang Yaomei Peak

Day 4 Mount Siguniang – Danba

In the morning you have a half day tour to Shuangqiao Valley of Mount Siguniang to see the alpine Sichuan. At Shuangqiao Valley you can see peaks, primitive forest. After the visit to Shuangqiao drive to Danba, the wonderland of Eastern Tibet, home to the subgroup of Jiarong Tibetans. Overnight in Danba

Shuangqiao Valley of Mount Siguniang - Fall

The Alpine Mount Siguniang - Summer

Day 5 Danba - Daofu

Today the trip start by walking in the traditional Tibetan village of Jiaju, a very beautiful village considered one of the most attractive traditional villages in China. The Jiaju Village has unique watchtowers and their distinctive Jiarong houses. Spend three hours wondering in the village before drive to Daofu, a Tibetan town in wild west of Sichuan. Overnight in Daofu.

Danba Tibetan Village

Daofu or Dawu

Day 6 Daofu – Seda

At Daofu you are officially into the wild realm of Sichuan. Here we don’t see too many travelers while its beauty is obvious and authentic. Today you will be driving all the way to Seda with some short stops along the way. Arrive in Seda and overnight in the town. Seda is 4000 meters’ above sea level and it is quite cold during night.

Luhuo Monastery

Luhuo on the way from Daofu to Seda

Day 7 Seda – Ganzi

Drive from your hotel in Seda and reach the Buddhist school 20km south to the town. Walk the giant community full of Buddhist houses and temples. Have your own experience with local monks and nuns. Seda Wuming Buddhist Temple is by far the biggest of its kind. It has normally 20,000 Buddhist monks and nuns study here and by festival season the number of people reaches 50,000. The sheer spectacle of the houses built on both of the mountain sides is sunning. After half day’s visit, drive to Ganzi for overnight.

Seda Buddhist School

Young Monks at Seda

Day 8 Ganzi – Dege

Ganzi is a very beautiful town located in the far northwest of Sichuan Province. While driving you can see lots of beautiful scenes and interesting Tibetan people. Today you will drive from Ganzi all the way passing Mount Queer and arrive in Dege, a place where original Tibetan culture was nurtured. Arrive and visit The Buddhist printing center in the town of Dege if time allows. Overnight in Dege.

Mount Kawalori in Ganzi

Ganzi Monastery

Day 9 Dege – Baiyu

Drive from Dege to Baiyu, en route visit Yaqen Monastery, one of the most significant monasteries in Kham Tibet. The visit takes about 2 hours considering the bumpy road leads to the monastery from the main road. Arrive in Baiyu, a small town near TAR by the very upper Yantze Gorge. Overnight in Baiyu.

Xinlu Lake near Mount Que'er

Tibetan Cowboy Town Manigange

Day 10 Baiyu – Ganzi

Today an early visit to Baiyu Monastery. The Baiyu Monastery is built on the side of the mountain, overlooking the whole town of Baiyu.starts from Baiyu. After the visit, you drive to Ganzi passing the relatively higher land and arrive in Ganzi again. Overnight in Ganzi.

Tibetans at Baiyu

Yaqen Monastery

Day 11 Ganzi – Litang

Today keep driving southwards and passing the stunning eastern Tibet landscape before arrive in Litang. This road is very wild and not many travelers have come. Enjoy the primitive views and probably stop to visit one of the Tibetan families along the way. Arrive in Litang after a full day’s drive. Litang is one of the highest towns in China, with an elevation of over 4000 meters. Overnight in Litang.

Litang Grassland

Litang Horse Racing Festival

Day 12 Litang – Kangding

After the visit to Litang Monastery we keep driving to Kangding along the 318 Sichuan-Tibet National Highway. Pass a few mountain passes and have more views of the wild landscape of eastern Tibet before arrive in Kangding. Walk Kangding if time allows. Overnight iin Kangding..

Tibetan Landscape on National Highway 318

Prayer Wheels

Day 13 Kangding – Chengdu

Kangding is the traditional China-Tibet town throughout the history. It witnessed the change of itself and has a great significance between the historical relations between China and Tibet. After one day’s drive arrive in Chengdu and check in your hotel in Chengdu.

Day 14 Chengdu Departure

Be met and transfer to airport to catch your flight to your next destination. Your Western Sichuan Ultimate Adventure Tour ends.

What's included in this price?

  • English-speaking guide
  • Fees for entrance tickets listed in itinerary
  • Necessary transfers including airport pick up and drop off
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Service charge

What's excluded in this price?

  • Any international flight
  • Chinese visa fee
  • Optional tips for tour guide and driver
  • Personal expenses

Tips from local tour guide

This is the standard practical itinerary. If you want, we can also cutomize it to your personal need, no matter you want to shorten or extend your travel length, no matter what class of accommodation you prefer...

This trip is available from April to November. The best seasons are May, June and September, October when weather is generally the best. Winter is too cold but still doable.

This adventure involves walking at parks and horse trails. So walking boots are necessary for this tour. In this hiking. Elevation at most of these sights are quite high as much to 5000 meters. Precautions for mountain sickness are necessary as well. Rain proof and Sun block are also necessary when you are traveling at these places for weather changes quickly at high altitude.

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