Northern Sichuan Adventure Tour

Northern Sichuan Adventure Tour– 9 days

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Trip Information

Price: from $1248

Destinations Visited: Chengdu (3 nights) , Jiuzhaigou(2 nights), Ruo'ergai(2 nights),

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

Ground tour based Northern Sichuan Adventure tour is a well-organized adventure into the most stunning national parks of China, Jiuzhaigou and the vast grassland of Ruo’ergai along with the Tibetan Buddhist Shrine of Langmusi. This is a well-paced adventure for you and your family, designed to enjoy the authentic views and culture while have the best possible comfortability.

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Day 1 Chengdu Arrival

Arrive in Chengdu and be transferred to your hotel in Chengdu.

If you get to Chengdu early, we can also arrange an extra activity in the afternoon, such asvisit Jinshan Museum, or take a relaxing walking in a local park.

Day 2 Chengdu City Tour

Today, firstly take a trip to the Chengdu Giant Panda Base where you can get close to these cute babies eating bamboos, playing together on the slide, or climbing the tree. You can also learn some interesting facts about the Giant Pandas, such as their history, habitat, habit, etc. Panda visiting is usually arranged in the morning, because the pandas like sleeping in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, take a short visit to the most sacred Buddhist temple in Chengdu city – Wenshu Temple which is already more than 1400 years old. Appreciate the grandiose temples, chapels in the monastery, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Buddhism. Then go to visit the busiest local park in Chengdu – Renmin Park which is featured in rich folk activities and leisure living style.

After having supper, take a pleasant walking in the fabulous Jinli Old Street to explore the ancient tradition of Chengdu.

Chengdu Giant Panda Base

Wenshu Temple

Day 3 Chengdu – Chuanzhusi

Today drive for one whole day from Chengdu in the morning and pass Dujiangyan to drive into the mountains. Landscape changes along the way. You will pass through Qiangic areas of Wenchuan and Maoxian. In the afternoon, you will arrive in Chuanzhusi. Acclimatize yourself at such high altitude. Overnight in Chuanzhusi.

Day 4 Chuanzhusi – Jiuzhaigou

First, drive to Huanglong for about 1 hour and visit Huanglong Park after arrive. Huanglong is a park of beautiful lakes, a suggested visit route is to use the cable car to reach the middle of the park and walk one hour to the biggest Wucai Lake before walk down for another 2 hours to the base of the park. After the visit, transfer to Jiuzhaigou and overnight in Jiuzhaigou.

Huanglong National Park

Beautiful Calsium Lakes at Huanglong

Day 5 Jiuzhaigou

Today is a full day sightseeing in the Jiuzhaigou. Jiuzhaigou has won many brilliant reputations, such as World Natural Heritage Sites, 5A National Park, Best Waterscape in China. Today, you will found out all the reputations worthy any of them. Water is the soul of Jiuzhaigou, and there are more than 108 lakes, several large groups of waterfall scattering on three valleys shaping a large “Y”. The wild forest and pure high snow mountains are the best setoffs to the waterscape of Jiuzhaigou. You will see streams flowing quietly among valleys, beautiful waterfalls dropping from high mountains, and colorful lakes with amazing reflection of colorful forest. After the sightseeing, drive back to your hotel, and take a good rest.

Jiuzhaigou Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Lakes

Day 6 Jiuzhaigou – Ruoergai (Tangke)

In the morning have an early start from your hotel at Jiuzhaigou and drive northward to the vast grassland of Ruoergai. Arrive in Ruoergai and keep driving to Tangke to see the first bend of Yellow River at Tangke. The road from Ruoergai to Tangke is a little bumpy and you will be traveling in really remote and back-country places. After the visit to Tangke drive back to your hotel at Ruoergai and overnight in Ruoergai.

Ruo'ergai Landscape

Tangke of first bend of Yellow River

Day 7 Ruoergai – Langmusi – Ruoergai

Today you will drive from Ruoergai to Langmusi and visit Langmu Monastery after arrival. Langmu Monastery is considered a ritual shrine of local Tibetan people. Visit here for 2-3 hours and lunch before transferred back to Ruoergai for another night. On the way back to your hotel, have a visit to the Flower Lake for another 2 hours. Overnight in Ruoergai.

Langmu Monastery

Flower Lake of Ruo'ergai

Day 8 Ruoergai –Chengdu

Today one full day drive back to Chengdu.

Day 9 Chengdu Departure

Depart Chengdu or continue on your trip. Your Northern Sichuan Jiuzhaigou + Ruoergai Adventure tour ends.

What's included in this price?

  • English-speaking guide
  • Fees for tickets listed in itinerary
  • Necessary transfers including airport pick up and drop off
  • Meals
  • Accommodations
  • Service charge

What's excluded in this price?

  • Any international flight
  • Chinese visa fee
  • Optional tips for tour guide and driver
  • Personal expenses

Tips from local tour guide

This is the standard practical itinerary. If you want, we can also cutomize it to your personal need, no matter you want to shorten or extend your travel length, no matter what class of accommodation you prefer...

This trip is available from April to November. The best seasons are May, June and September, October when weather is generally the best. Winter is too cold but still doable.

This adventure involves walking at parks. So walking boots are necessary for this tour. In this hiking. Elevation at most of these sights are quite high as much to 4000 meters. Precautions for mountain sickness are necessary as well.Rain proof and Sun block are also necessary when you are traveling at these places for weather changes quickly at high altitude.

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