Recommended Hot Pot Restaurants in Chengdu

Sichuan Hot Pot Restaurants
Sichuan Hot Pot Restaurants

Old Pier Hot Pot

Old design of restaurant and copper pot make this restaurant favored by both local Chengdu people and visitors. It is usually very busy by weekend and holiday at this restaurant. Yin and Yang Pot is available and the Yin Pot is in the middle and half and half. Spicy and numbing taste makes people keep coming back. Service is good.

Estimated cost per person: 160 yuan

Address: 29 Yulin Middle Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Shujiu Xiang Hot Pot

This is a typical Sichuan Hot Pot restaurant. You can smell the scent of the hot oil before you get into the restaurant. 9 cubic of the pot is used so you can put different dishes into different cubes so it won’t ruin the flavor of each food. Yin and Yang Pot is also available. Normally it is very busy here. Drinks are a little expensive.

Estimated cost per person: 120 yuan

Address: 160 1st Section of West 1st Ring Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Huangcheng Laoma

There are more than one stores of this hot pot restaurant in Chengdu. It is a fancy hot pot restaurant in Chengdu. Good interior design plus clean food and good service. The hot pot is not very spicy, probably among the less-spicy hot pot restaurants in Sichuan. Pot is super yet some commented that the food is a little overpriced.

Estimated cost per person: 200 yuan

Address: 20 3rd Section of South 2nd Ring Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Chongqing Kongliang Eel Hot Pot

t is not just Eels, there are also plenty of other things like the rest of hot pot restaurants in Chengdu. The price is reasonable and the food is very spicy. They like to use a lot of Sichuan Pepper corns though so the numbing flavor is also very strong.

Estimated cost per person: 80 yuan

Address: 121 4th Section of Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Mala Kongjian Hot Pot

This is a new brand of hot pot restaurant in Chengdu and loved by many eaters. It is small hot pot and each person has their own pot to cook so that you don’t mix your food with other people’s food. It is commented as good service and fresh food there. Recommended to go there if you are a big group.

Estimated cost per person: 100 yuan

Address: 2nd floor of Jiangchenghua, 39 Tongci Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Damiao Hot Pot

Also it is a fancy place very nice rooms and decent and fresh food. It is a very traditional restaurant and many visitors for there.

Estimated cost per person: 200 yuan

Address: 231 Wuhouci Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Bashu Dazhaimen Hot Pot

It is a very popular hot pot restaurant and lots of people come here. Usually you have to wait for your table if you have not reserved in advance. It is Chongqing hot pot.

Estimated cost per person: 100 yuan

Address: 75 South Xinhong Road, Chengdhua District, Chengdu

Weidao Jianghu

Big and clean are what people say about this restaurant. It is totally self-catered restaurant which many people like. And you can bring your own drinks here unlike other restaurants.

Estimated cost per person: 100 yuan

Address: 6 Huangyue Street, Jinniu District, Chengdu

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