Chengdu Snacks

updated on August 7, 2016

Apart from the excellent Sichuan dishes, you will find an incredible variety of snacks here (compared to the Spanish tapas), from various kinds of noodles to dumpling soup, and from fresh, cold “tapas”to those pen-fried in hot oil. Be sure to try Lai’s glutinous rice balls, Zhong’s boiled dumplings, Han’s steamed buns, Long’s wanton soup, Zhang’s roasted duck, and Dan Dan noodles (Sichuan noodles in a peppery sauce).

Chengdu Snacks
Chengdu - Gourmet City

One of the most representative of Chengdu snack is Fu Qi Fei Pian, a famous cold dish. This mixture of relatively cheap ingredients such as tripe, beef heart and tongue, was created by a local married couple during the 1930s, when they start selling it at their stall. It was originally called “wasted slices cooked by a couple”. The dish includes red chili oil, onion and coriander, which give it a bright red and green color as well as its spicy, tongue-tingling taste.

Chengdu Snacks
Fu Qi Fei Pian

The most famous and delicious snacks are sold by small-business operators at stalls that have been around for ages. The recipes have been refined over time, and most of the snacks have been named after their inventors or after the place where they originated. Chengdu is famous for its easygoing and pleasant lifestyle. Its inhabitants are well versed in the art of what they called Bashi; they adopt this laid-back, joyful altitude during childhood. Their passion for food has shaped the reputation of Sichuanese gastronomy. No matter if it’s a bowl of rice noodle or a plate of spicy hot pot, the food must be good.

Most every city resident is able to name his or her favorite restaurant when asked. Chengdu’s food institutions have become so popular that the local media organizes competitions and lists the winner every year. The people of Chengdu have raised even the “fly restaurants” to the level of culinary art, so be sure to eat in one of them during your visit. After all, Chengdu people consider themselves gourmets!

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