Sanxingdui Museum Travel Guide

Sanxingdui Travel Guide

Sanxingdui Museum an archeological museum featured with Bronze Age civilization about 3000 years to 5000 years ago. The excavation site is believed to be the former capital of Ancient Shu Kingdom. The discoveries since 1920s have raised a lot of myths about itself and the possible separated civilization origin from central China. The famous discoveries include the huge bronze mask, the big bronze tree and some gold masks. It is said Sanxingdui has slept for thousand years before it woke up and amazed the world. Sanxingdui Museum is located about 50km northeast to Chengdu. The items found at Sanxingdui have been exhibited through out the world.

How long at Sanxingdui Museum

How to Get There

To use a bus you need to go to Xinnanmen Tourist centre or Beimen Bus Station to use the bus from Chengdu to Guanghan, the nearest town to Sanxingdui Museum. Scheduled bus depart from the station every 30 minutes from 8:00 to 15:00 and the ticket costs about 15 yuan and 1.5 hours. After arrive in the bus station in Guanghan, recommended to use a taxi from there to the museum as it usually takes a long time to wait the bus. The taxi costs about 20 yuan. The museum is in the country side hence no taxis sometimes. So when coming back from the museum, try to have a taxi driver’s number before hand or try the shared taxis parked by the exit of the museum.


Sometimes there are direct tourist buses from Wuhou Shrine to Sanxingdui Museum in the morning by 11:30.

What to see at Sanxingdui

Among the excavated items, the most amazing ones include a 2.62 meters’ standing bronze figure, a 1.38 meters’ bronze mask and a 3.95 meters’ bronze tree. These items are unique in the world. It differs from any other kind of archeological items we found before. Other precious items include a golden scepter, several golden masks and many other stone and bronze items. There are two exhibition halls at Sanxingdui Museum, No.1 hall exhibits gold, bronze, stones and potteries. No.2 hall exhibits only bronzes.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Sanxingdui Museum is all year round.But try to avoid the busy traveling season at the first week of October and the first week of May. Also the summer school vacation time in July and August there usually are lots of visitors.

Recommended Chengdu Sanxingdui Tour

Sanxingdui Tour

Explore Sanxingdui Civilization Plus Panda Visit - 1 Day

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date
Route: Chengdu / Sanxingdui / Chengdu

This tour's best highlight is to discover the oldest civilization in Sichuan nearly 5,000 years ago - Sanxingdui. The site excavated some of the greatest and mysterious artifacts which has proved Sanxingdui as a super-prosperous civilization. But why it disappeared suddenly without any signs. Now you have chance to find the answer on your own. In the morning, you wll also pay a visit to the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to visit the cute panda families.

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