Wolong Panda Volunteering Tour

Wolong Panda Volunteering and Scientific Research Tour - 2 Days

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Trip Information

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Destinations Visited: Chengdu - Wolong Gengda Town - Chengdu

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

Wondering what is the job of the Panda Researcher like? This tour give you the rare chance to learn about the real habitat of panda as well as to experience a Panda Researcher's job. You will hike the Tiantaishan which is also being used by Wolong Panda Base for Giant Panda Rewild Training. Besides the research trekking, you will also join a Panda Volunteering Program in the panda base.

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Days 1 Chengdu - Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base Volunteering

Leave Chengdu at 6:30 AM or earlier, then you will be transferred to Wolong Panda Base which is about 110km away from Chengdu downtown. The Panda Volunteer Program starts at 9:00, and finishes around 14:30.

Brief Process of Panda Volunteer Program:

1. Buy the entrance ticket and pay the program fee and then sign a contract with the Base, then you will get a volunteering tag and working suit and gloves.

2. A English-speaking staff in the base will lead you to take a minibus to one of the panda enclosure in the base.

3. Works in the morning includes: A. Clean the panda houses and gardens, then collect fresh bamboo for pandas from 09:00 to 10:00; B. Feed panda with cakes, apples, carrot, etc between 11:00 to 11:30.

4. Have lunch in the dinning hall with staffs in the base.

5. Watch documentary films about panda rescue at 13.00 if available.

6. Works in the afternoon includes: Feed the panda at 14:00 ; B. Make panda cakes after worth.

7.Work done, and the get the Panda Volunteer Certificate from the Base.

After the work, spend some leisure time in the panda base. Then go to rest in your hotel in Gengda Town.

  • Cute Panda at Wolong Panda Base

  • Feed the Panda
  • Day 2 Panda Reserve Research Hiking

    Today you will become a honorable Giant Panda Researcher. You will go to hike in a real wild habitat of pandas, Tiantaishan, which is also being used by Wolong Panda Base for Giant Panda Rewild Training. It is a great chance to learn about the real habitat of panda as well as to experience a Panda Researcher's job.

    Firstly get to Shenshuping Panda Base to learn about the process of the research program and change uniforms. At around 9am, a English-speaking staff in the panda base will take you to Huangcaoping where the research hiking starts. Tiantaishan Giant Panda Rewild Training Center was put into use in 2014, and covers an area of over 1 square kilometers at the altitude over 2500 meters with vast bamboo forests, clean streams, bushy plants, which is an ideal home for Giant Pandas. During the research program, you will not only learn about the living habit and habitats of Giant Pandas, but also enjoy the leisure hiking in the beutiful Tiantaishan Mountain. The staff in the base will also teach you how to observe and study the living of Giant Panda, and use researching tools such as the wireless trackers used to trace the signals sent from the necklace on the panda.

    The hikikng and research program will last from 9am to around 3pm with a distance around 8km. Once the program finished, drive back to the base and then drive back to Chengdu.

  • Relaxing Hing

  • Learn to Use Researching Tool
  • What's included in this price?

    • Transfer to the base and back to hotel in Chengdu;
    • One night's accommodation at Gengda Town;
    • Lunch at the base with the panda keepers;
    • Service charge including reservation, arrangement, etc.

    What's excluded in this price?

    • Any flights, Chinese visa fee;
    • Entrance fee: 90 yuan per person;
    • Personal expenses;
    • Panda Volunteer Program Cost(700 Chinese yuan per person charged by base).
    • Tiantaishan Rewild Training Center Cost
    • Optional Tips.

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