Sichuan Mountain Climbing Permit

Climbing any mountain in China that is over 3500 meters will require a climbing permit

A trek to the summit of Dafeng willl require a climbing permit from Sichuan Mountaineering Association. It costs 300 yuan per person. A trek to summit of Erfeng will require a climbing permit as well. It costs 500 yuan per person.

What is a Climbing Permit? Is it obligatory?

Sample Climbing Permit

A climbing permit is a paper indicates that you are doing the climbing “under the supervision” and it makes your climbing activity “legal”. It is obligatory and required by government organizations. Climbing without a climbing permit, what happens is you will probably be stopped from climbing and you will be told to go back. Extreme scenario would be your gears being taken away from local authorities although this usually happens to Chinese climbers, if you are a foreigner, they will usually have a second thought.

Why do I need a Climbing Permit?

Mountaineering in China requires different sorts of paper permits. Climbing a mountain will need a climbing permit. Rock-climbing (at higher elevation) and Ice-climbing will also require a climbing permit. Mountaineering is strictly monitored by Chinese Sports Bureau, which is the head administration of all sports in China who makes plans and gives permissions to each. It was regulated since 1980s when the mountains reopened to foreigners.

With this paper, a rescue will usually be conducted when any accident happens. The Mountaineering Associations will usually start the rescue when there is an accident report although the rescue is not as efficient/fast as professional rescues. But if you don’t have this paper of climbing permit and accident happen, a rescue will probably be conducted still but you will have to contact your embassy first to get help from your own government. And there is possibility of you getting into unknown trouble.

How to acquire a Climbing Permit

The office who gives Climbing Permit in Sichuan is the Sichuan Mountaineering Association. Your personal information is required for a permit application. Personal information include what it shows on your passport. Sichuan Travel Guide has experience dealing with Sichuan Mountaineering Association. We have applied climbing permit for many climbers now. We can apply the permits for you to save your trouble.

How much is a Climbing Permit

Climbing Permit Cost

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