Kangding Travel Season

The best time to visit Kangding is from May to October. . The climate of Kangding can be summarized as a late spring, a short summer, a short autumn and a cold winter. Spring is from May to June when normally the snow will melt up on the mountain tops. July and August are the raining seasons, with the average temperature range from 20 °C (65 °F) and 28 °C (83 °F) during daytime. Autumn comes at early September. Winter came by November and will last until the next early March. Weather changes quickly in summer time. In May, June, September and October, it may rain less but colder during night time, sometimes below 0C or even below -5C. In July and August it may rain a little more but it’s less cold during night time. Travelers visiting Kangding in winter have the risk of stucking there due to heavy snows.

Kangding Travel Season

The best time to have a photo tour in Xinduqiao is from mid-October to early November when the trees are in their golden color. It is the best time to shoot golden fall of Kangding.

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