Mugetso Lake


Mugetso is a park 20km north to Kangding. It is called Kangding Qingge Mugetso Scenic Area. It covers an area of 350sqkm including the tourist attractions inside Azalea Gorge, Fancao Prairie, Seven-Color Lake, Yaochi Hot Spring, Mugetso Lake, Honghai Lake Prairie. It is a gallery of primitive forest, alpine lakes, hot springs, prairies and snow-capped mountains.


Best time to go

Mugetso is located in on the east edge of Tibetan Plateau. It has cool summer and fall while cold winter and spring. From December to the next February, Mugeso Lake is iced up and will gradually melt from March. Summer is from late June to early September when the average temperature is between 10 and 14 C. The most distinct feature of the climate here is that it has warm day and cold night. Every year by the second half of October the snow comes usually. But some year the snow maybe little when it is dry. The best time of come to visit Mugetso is May to June for it is between the dry season and the monsoon season when it is not so cold nor too wet and you get to see the azalea flowers. While in July and August the park become alive due to its many flowers and green trees. But rain may come often in this season. October is also very good season to come to shoot the golden colors of Mugetso when the trees on the mountains will turn yellow or red.

What to expect

Fangcao Prairie

Fangcao Prairie is a place located by the end of Mugetso park. In summer time it becomes a fairyland for its many flowers and green grass. A horse-riding is available here for visitors. It is also a place where local people have picnic and spend their free time.

7-color Lake

7-color Lake is located at the elevation of 2600 meters above sea level. The lake resembles a crescent and is 20-meter deep. This lake is surrounded by forest and will usually have the reflections of sunlight therefore local people have given it the name 7-color lake. The reflections on the surface of the lake are also considered something amazing in this park. Another amazing fact of this lake is that it is half cold water and half warm water from the hot spring. By the exit of the hot spring at the bottom of the lake, somewhere the temperature is as high to 67C.

Azalea Gorge

The valley that connects 7-color lake and Mugetso is called Azalea Gorge with a stream running through this 8-km gorge. Many Azalea trees stand in this gorge by the river. It is a nice path to walk on with the newly built boardwalk. Normally visitors come to the end of the valley by bus and walk down through the Azalea Gorge.

Yaochi Hot Spring

Yaochi Hot Spring is called “Medicine Pool of Boiling Spring”. It is located at the elevation of 3500 meters and with a number of over 20 springs. Highest temperature gets to 90C. The hot spring is believed to have a medicinal effect on human body that is why it is called Medicine Pool.

Mugetso Lake


The park is named after this lake. It is also called Yeren Lake, meaning Wildman Lake. Local people call it Big Lake. It is one of the biggest lakes around this area. Mugetso is located by the end of the valley in the park and at the altitude of 3700 meters. Around Mugetso there are several smaller lakes.

Mugetso Tourist Map

Mugetso Map

Ticket Information

200 yuan per person includes the tourist bus (April to 15th November)

160 yuan per person includes the tourist bus (15th November to the next March)

Visiting Guide

Recommended length of visit: 5-6 hours

Opening Hour: 8:00-18:00