All Things To Do in Kangding

Detailed Introduction of Kangding of its attractions and activities. Included are hiking and trekking in Kangding and the nearbyb Gonggashan, Hailuogou Glacier Park, Yanzigou Valley, Tagong and Mount Yala, etc. Find useful travel guide and information about travel to Kangding in details.

Kangding Town


Kangding is the No. one Tibetan town of Kham Tibet / eastern Tibet. It is now a half Tibetan and half Chinese. Kangding in China is more famed by the song “the Love Song of Kangding”, however it is the most important stopover place for travelers who go further west. It is believed to be an amazing fact that with a day’s drive from Chengdu you reach a place with such different culture and landscape in Kangding.

Gonggashan Hiking

Gonggashan Trekking

Gonggashan is one of the most popular hiking places in China due to its beautiful landscape and easy access. A hiking trip to Mount Gongga usually takes about a week long time. It is usually considered a hard trek involves camping. A Mount Gongga Hiking usually starts in Kanging or Chengdu.



Mugetso is a nature park near Kangding. It is 20km north to the town of Kangding. It is a paradise composed of alpine lakes, forests, snow-capped mountains and river gorge. Mugetso is a very nice place to visit while traveling in Kangding. A Visit to Mugetso takes about half day. Tourist buses are available in the park although you can do some hikings there too.

Kangding Hiking - Mount Yala

Kangding Hiking - Mount Yala and Tagong Grassland

If you look to do some hiking in Kangding, then this is the one. From Kangding to Mount Yala and the into Tagong, primitive, not spoiled and most importantly, it is beautiful. The hiking is in the valleys of primitive landscape and beautiful lakes and mountains. It ends in Tagong, a Buddhist town of Kham with stunning Buddhist constructions and interesting local Tibetan people. This is truly an adventure into the wild Sichuan.


Xinduqiao Photography

Xinduqiao is considered to be the paradise for photographers in China. It is a small town and usually used as a stopover place for travelers who go further to Yading. To take great photos you need to wait for good weather and find a perfect spot.

Kangding Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Thanks to the many high mountains around Kangding, there are plenty of hot springs near Kangding that you won’t miss while traveling here. The hot spring places have become a big deal for travelers and a good way of making money for local people. A hot spring bath costs within 50 yuan per person and there are also open hot springs you can find in the wild.

Hailuogou Glacier Park

Hailuogou Glacier Park

Hailuogou is a glacier national park located southeast of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is by the east face of Mount Gongga(Miya Konka) at the east boundary of Eastern Tibetan Plateau. Inside this park there are hanging glaciers, hundreds of ice caves, giant icefalls and quiet forest.

Yanzigou Valley

Yanzigou Valley

Yanzigou Valley is one of the big valleys east of Gonggashan. It is now a national park of glaciers, forests, snow-capped mountains and red rock slides. It is located 10km north to Hailuogou Glacier Park. It is a gallery of alpine landscape.

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