Rough Cost for Kangding Travel

updated on March 6th, 2017

Planning a trip to Kangding needs to have a budget plan. Gathered below are the detailed information about a cost traveling to Kangding including costs on accommodations, food, entrance fees, transportations, etc.

Cost on Transfer: Flight, Bus, Taxi or Local Transfer

  • Bus from Chengdu to Kangding: 130 per person;
  • Shared Taxi from Chengdu: 300-400/per person;
  • Rented Car: 1200-1600 per car.
  • Flight Ticket single way: full price 1650 yuan per adult ticket while you may get discount down to 50% in certain seasons.

To take a bus to Kangding, the bus ticket costs between 120 to 160 Chinese yuan per person. It costs the same when you go back from Kangding to Chengdu. The bus is from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station to Kangding Bus Station. Usually there are taxis involved to transfer from or to your hotels. The taxi will usually cost about 10 to 20 yuan depends on where you stay.

If you use a shared taxi to Kangding from Chengdu, it will usually cost about 300 yuan to 400 yuan per person single way. To go back to Chengdu from Kangding you need to pay a similar amount of money to use the shared taxi. You will not always get dropped off where you want to be so using local taxi after the shared taxi is normally necessary.

If you use a flight to Kangding, you need to get to the airport from the city of Chengdu and after arrival of Kangding airport, you need to use local airport bus to transfer to Kangding, this will cost Chinese yuan 40. To use a taxi from airport to Kangding, it will cost about 200 yuan per person usually. Airport bus is not always available but taxis are plenty there when there is an arrival. From the airport to Kangding town is about 70km.

For the flight, it costs 1650 yuan full price but at some seasons you can get discount low to 50%. Flight may not be available during winter time due to too much ice and snow on the running lane at Kangding Airport.

Attraction Ticket

Hailuogou Glacier Park

  • Entrance: 92 per person (Apr - Nov), 62 per person (Dec - Mar);
  • An extra of 70 per person for the bus;
  • An extra 150 per person is required for using the cable car from Camp 3 to Camp 4

Yanzigou Valley

  • Entrance: 100 per person (Apr - Nov), 90 per person (Dec - Mar);
  • An extra of 70 per person for the tourist bus.

Tsemed Pass

  • Entrance: 20 per person all year.

Gongga Gompa

  • Entrance: 20 per person all year.


  • Entrance: 105 per person (Apr - Nov), 75 per person (Dec - Mar);
  • An extra of 90 per person for the necessary tourist bus;

Tagong Monastery

  • 20 yuan per person all year round.

Kangding Paomashan Park

  • 50 yuan per person for the entrance ticket.
  • 30 yuan per person for the optional cable car ride.

Tibetan Kham Culture Museum

  • 70 yuan per person.

Climbing Permit

  • For Climbing fees for peaks and mountains in Minya Konka, please read further here: more>>

Cost on Accommodation

  • Average cost for a local Tibetan guesthouse: about 120 -150 per night;
  • verage cost for an economy hotel: about 200-400 per night.

For a modern 3-star-like hotel in Kangding, it costs about 300 yuan to 400 yuan per room per night. Lower level of accommodations include 2-star-like hotels and guesthouses which will cost about 200 yuan or less depending on the seasons. Using higher level of hotels will usually provide free breakfast while using lower levels of hotels you need to take care of breakfast by yourself.

Accommodations in Xinduqiao are plenty and levels are similar to Kangding. Hotels in Xinduqiao may cost more than that of in Kangding as Xinduqiao is a touristy place from Summer to Autumn. Book before hand is necessary if you are going to stay in Xinduqiao.

Outside of Kangding accommodations are quite basic and numbers are limited. In Tagong there are decent clean hotels and guesthouses with prices between 100 and 300 yuan per room. Villages near Gonggashan there are Tibetan guesthouses available. They cost below 200 yuan per person and will usually include breakfast and dinner.

Cost on Dining

Dinning at Hailuogou Glacier Park (Moxi Town) or in Kangding, you can find plenty of restaurants offering different Chinese and Tibetan food. In other small towns you will be able to find some noodle restaurants which will normally cost about 10-30 per person. If you are staying in one of the local guesthouses, normally they provide food as well. A rice meal usually costs between 20 and 40 per person.

Per meal between 30-50 yuan depending on what you eat. Local bread are very good and cheap. Yak meat is expensive, up to 100 or more yuan per kilo. Veges are more expensive than before and fruits are luxury. Generally In Kangding it is easy to find place to eat while at other smaller places the restaurants are limited and usually are a little more expensive.

Cost on Hot Spring Bath

To use big pool it costs 20 to 30 yuan per person for 2 hours. To use small poor (small size for 2-3 people), it costs about 160 to 200 yuan for 2 hours.

Pack horse

If you wish to hire pack horse for your hiking, the cost is 120-150 per packhorse per day.

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