How to Take Bus to Jiuzhaigou National Park

There is no train to Jiuzhaigou and flights are expensive especially during tourism peak season. That’s why many tourists prefer taking bus to Jiuzhaigou. Currently, Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Mianyang ang Guangyuan in Sichuan Province and Lanzhou in Gansu Province operates buses transfer to/off Jiuzhaigou. While more than 90% travelers chose Chengdu as the transfer hub to Jiuzhaigou because Chengdu has many daily available buses departing to Jiuzhaigou, mostly in the morning.

Jiuzhaigou Bus Station locates only about 1km from the entrance of Jiuzhaigou National Park. You should also know that there is another Jiuzhaigou Bus Station which is located in the town of Jiuzhaigou County, about 20km from the park. There are many buses to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, but not all of them end the transfer at the bust station near the park, some have to get to Jiuzhaigou county. You’d better book the right ticket. But the buses to Jiuzhaigou county will also make middle stops for several minutes at the bus station near the park. Let the driver know that you will debus at Jiuzhaigou National Park in advance.

Go to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu City

There are usually at least 2 or 3 buses to Jiuzhaigou each day even in tourism off seasons. Sometimes more schedules will be added if there are many tourists. In tourism peak months, such as July, August, September and October, there will be around 6~8 buses to JIuzhaigou each day. Travelers have two places to take the Jiuzhaigou bus as following:

Take Bus to Jiuzhaigou

Chengdu Bus Stations Location Map

Chadianzi Bus Station

- Location: No. 289, Fifth Section, South 3rd Ring Road, Chengdu (taking metro line 2 to get)

- Tel: 028-87506610

You have bigger chance to get a bus ticket at Cha Dian Zi Bus Station which has a more flexible timetable for tickets of different hours. The earliest bus departs at around 6~7am in peak season and 8am during off seasons. The prices differs from 120 to 170 RMB because different kinds of buses - mini-bus, large bus, over-night bus, etc. Get clear from the ticket office that your bus will stop at Jiuzhaigou National Park or pass by the park. Buses to Jiuzhaigou County (20km from the park), Chuanzhusi Town (127km from the park), Songpan County (103km from the park) also set out from Chadianzi Bus Station.

Xinnanmen Bus Station

- Location: No. 2, Xinnan Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu (taking metro line 3 to get the bus station)

- Tel: 028-85433609

This bus station is a tourist bus station which operates buses to most of tourist attractions and destinations in Sichuan Province including Jiuzhaigu, Leshan, Emeishan, Daocheng, Mount Siguniang, etc. It has 1~3 buses to Jiuzhaigou National Park (not Jiuzhaigou County). The earliest bus depart at 7:10am.

From Dujiangyan City

Dujiangyan City, 50km from Chengdu, also has several buses to Jiuzhaigou each day. But the timetable is not fixed. The bus leaves Dujiangyan Bus Station in the early morning, and runs about 8 hours to get to Jiuzhaigou. The detailed address of Dujiangyan Bus Station is: No. 76, Yingbin Road, Dujiangyan City (Yin Bin Lu 76).

From Mianyang City

The second largest city of Sichuan - Mianyan also runs usually 2 buses to Jiuzhaigou National Park. The bus station is Pingzheng Bus Station (No. 45, Yihuan Road Northern Section). The bus usually sets out at 6am or 8:20am and reach Jiuzhaigou after about 5 hours’ driving.

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