Sustainable Hiking

The hiking destinations in Sichuan are located at the traditional Tibetan and Qiang areas where Tibetan people and Qiang People live. Your hiking trip into these places is making contribute to local economy. The modernization as well as pollution of the Tibetan towns is shown at present however a sustainable hiking will surely provide a clean and green approach to this solution. Try to use local service is a recommendation from us and also it is what Sichuan Travel Guide is doing.

Tibetan People are happy, hospitable and religious people. A Buddhist belief is shown in every part of their life. Respect toward this belief of theirs is necessary while hiking in Sichuan. There are a lot of monasteries and inside these monasteries there are Buddhist monks. While you are visiting a monastery, try not to offend their belief because it is important to them. On the other hand, Tibetan People are always happy and friendly people, they will let you know when you are doing something disrespectful and won’t blame. Visiting a Tibetan family is interesting as they always try to overfeed you, then you need to figure out a way to say “no more food”.

It has been more or less a dispute about the modernization of these places in Sichuan. But it is now a fact the local economy is making progress as well as the pollution. You can keep your hiking trip as clean as possible. Burn or bring the wastes out while hiking. We have seen some polluted hiking trails in Sichuan and it takes effort of each hiker to make it clean. At some places the terrain is vulnerable and while you are walking, use the former trail and try to keep the erosion down.

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