Sichuan Hiking Tips: Safety Issues

There is no age limit to do a hiking trip in Sichuan. But do consider this while you are planning a hiking trip in Sichuan while with under aged or over aged people: The hospitals near the hiking destinations are normally within hours of driving and the hospitals are usually not well-equipped to deal with serious injuries or conditions. The good and reliable hospitals are based in Chengdu, which will need one day’s or at least half day’s transfer to get there. For the adventure trekking trips in Sichuan, a suggested age range is from 7 to 70 years old although there were fit former hikers who were at their 6 or in their 70s did the hikings in Sichuan before and it was successful and enjoyable.

About the rescue, the most commonly used rescue is from local horsemen. If you have purchased travel insurance that says they will use helicopter to rescue you if you are in serious trouble, it will normally take a long time. The Chinese army is in charge of the air anywhere in China so make sure you and your insurance company are on the same page on this. Normally the most efficient way of rescuing is organized by local people. If you have an injury that will need instant treatment, you will normally be transferred to the nearest hospital by local people. If there is anyone missing or a search is necessary the local people will go into the valleys and search for you.

It is better to tell someone where you are going hiking before you go and let them know your whereabouts. Sichuan is generally a safe place to travel to. These hiking places are in the wild and are with no access to cell phone calls so it is always better to have someone hiking with you together. Among the suggested hiking destinations, the possibility of getting robbed while hiking is low. Normally you should worry more about this when you are in the small towns than in the mountains. It happened before. So always keep your expensive gears in check and do leave things where you can see if it’s in the public. While at the hotels or guesthouses, ask for a key to lock your room where possible.

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