Packing List of Hiking in Sichuan

Hiking boots, Hiking hat, Jacket/Windbreaker, Base layer/T-shirt, Walking trousers, Thermals, Fleece, Socks

Backpack, a three-season -10C to -15C down Sleeping bag (mummy), Water bottle, Walking poles, Bum bag

Waterproof, Sunglasses, Sun block, Flashlight/Headlamp, Insect repellent (optional), Toiletries

Camera, Cell phone, Charger, Batteries

First-aid kit, Personal medications

Gears above are also available in the gear shops in Chengdu. There are two places you can find outdoor gear shops, one is at Second Section of South First Ring Road, the other one is close to Wuhou Shrine. They have gears from stoves, gas canisters to tents and sleeping bags.

Camping tents and mattresses can be provided by Sichuan Travel Guide. We can also buy gears for you according to your request. Sichuan Travel Guide also provide gear rental service.

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