To Avoid Mountain Sickness

Hiking in Sichuan involves walking at high elevations at over 4000 meters. Hikers will need to be aware of mountain sickness while hiking. A gradual arrival to the hiking place is recommended to extend your acclimatization time. So it is more helpful to use ground transfer than to use flight. For first time hikers to Sichuan to do the hiking, it is better to consult your doctor before you go. And even for experienced hikers, it is also important to watch yourself for mountain sickness. For a hiking trip in Sichuan it is always better to have precautions to avoid mountain sickness than to deal with mountain sickness when you have it. Suggestions in terms of trying to avoid mountains sickness while hiking in Sichuan include having a necessary acclimatization overnight at a lower elevation, to drink a lot of water (more than you actually need) for the first two days, to keep warm all the time and do not catch a cold. Also you had better to be careful of what you eat and avoid eating too much or too less. Be careful of the Alcohol you take and try not to get drunk as well. Stress can also cause mountain sickness. While walking, a shortage of breath you feel is normally. It is essential to accustom yourself and find your own pace while hiking. While camping you may have to go through nights without shower but to wash yourself in the river is not considered a good idea because the water in the river is normally very cold.

During your hiking if you don’t feel well and worry if you have the mountain sickness. There are signs of mountain sickness. Normally mountain sickness will result into feeling tired, do not want to eat but want to lie down, a severe headache. But if you are not aware of this or if you think this is not mountain sickness, it is not safe. It is important that you have a partner to hike with you. The sign of mountain sickness you can tell is the hiker will have a low motivation of doing things and the lips will usually turn into a color of purplish. So it is always safer to hike with someone else than doing it alone. But remember a slight or medium headache is normal to any hikers, which could happen to anyone. Depends on each one’s physical condition and experience, you make the decision of your next move after someone gets mountain sickness. A serious mountain sickness will usually result into a swelling up of your head and even your body, that is when you need to transfer the hiker down to a lower place to be in case. A critical mountain sickness is the hiker will fall into a coma and that is when the hiker’s life is in danger. So for mountain sickness, if we are aware of it and prepare our bodies properly, it will minimize the danger and trouble. And when someone is suffering mountain sickness, we need to take actions quickly too avoid worse results.

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