Camping and Accommodations

Hiking in Sichuan normally needs multiple days of camping. The campsites are very good you can easily set up your tent and they are open to everyone.

Animals include wolves were found in western Sichuan at the hiking destinations. But the wolves do not come close to the human campsite especially when you have a campfire. Other dangerous animals are bears but there are rarely seen at these places. Be aware of the yaks while camping. The hiking season is usually the herding season. There are a lot of yaks around a campsite normally. The yaks like your food and they are not afraid of trying to get into your tent if they smell something. The yaks are not aggressive but it can cause trouble for example, destroy your gears or waste your food. Also remember to set up your toilet not too close to your tent as well. The yaks like the smell of the toilet too. The yaks are basically afraid of humans. You can easily scare them off by using stones or making sounds like local horsemen do. If you are hiking using porters, the horses sometimes can be a trouble as they sometimes have a bell on their neck and they all don’t sleep too much during night. So if the bell sound will annoy you, try to set your tent that is without too much fresh grass where it will not interest the horses.

Sichuan Hiking Camping Tips

While hiking in Sichuan, some places you are not allowed to use campfire but some places you can. In the protected national parks such as Mount Siguniang, using campfire will result in a fine or serious trouble to you. And at other hiking destinations, you can always enjoy a campfire at your campsite. But remember to put out the fire after you use. Most of the hiking destinations in Sichuan are in the traditional Tibetan area. The Tibetan people are natural singers and they like to sing and drink or even dance around the campfire.

The campsites are in the total wildness. At campsites, there is no electricity available. There is no cell phone signal either. There is no internet either. It is the same as you are hiking at most of the wild places in Sichuan. Hiking with Sichuan Travel Guide, we will have a satellite phone with you all the time while you are hiking to be in case.

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