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Over half of Sichuan Province are mountain areas and among these mountains and valleys, there are a lot of beautiful lands to be explored. Minya Konka is the highest mountain in Sichuan, the trekking to Minya Konka is truely a trip of a lifetime. Mount Siguniang is called the oriental Alps. It has stunning peaks and picture-like mountain valleys that are very close to the city of Chengdu. There is also Tibetan city like Kangding that has excellent hiking trips to offer us. The hiking destinations of Sichuan range from the hardcore camping trek like Minya Konka Trekking to lodge-based family hikings such as Jiuzhaigou Hiking. Sichuan Travel Guide devote to provide useful and detialed trekking and hiking information of Sichuan.

Sichuan Trekking Tour

Mount Gonggashan In-depth Hiking – 9 Days

Price: from $1388

Destinations Visited: Kangding(2 nights), Minya Konka camping (6 nights)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

Have the authentic experiences follow off-beat horse trails in Gonggashan. Visit ancient and back country Buddhist monastery Gongga Gompa. Adventurous hiking to watch snow peaks and glaciers at Gonggashan. This 9-day Mount Gonggashan hiking brings you to view the highest mountain in Sichuan Province.

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Sichuan Trekking Tour

Mount Siguniang Hiking Tour– 5 Days

Price: from $0

Destinations Visited: Mount Siguniang (4 nights)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

This is a short expedition to Mount Siguniang from Chengdu. You will have the chance to hike to the summit of a 5000 meters’ mountain, Dafeng of Mount Siguniang, where lie the beautiful peaks known as the oriental Alps. This is a very good expedition while you see the alpine views within a limited time.

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Sichuan Hiking Tour

Daocheng Yading Hiking Tour From Chengdu– 6 days

Price: from $1132

Destinations Visited: Xinduqiao (1 night), Daocheng (3 nights), Kangding (1 night)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

Daocheng Yading is one of the Lost Horizons on earth. It is a beautiful fairyland hidden in the far west of Sichuan. It is not for the heart-fainted. To aspire the holy mountains include Yangmaiyong, Xiannairi and Xianuoduoji on a week-long bus tour from Chengdu. Embrace the stunning views of Milk Lake, Wuse Lake and Pearl Lake in the park will bring you an experience of lifetime.

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Sichuan Trekking Tour

Kangding Hiking Tour – 8 days

Price: from $1288

Destinations Visited: Kangding (2 nights) , Camping (4 nights), Tagong (1 night)

Departure: Private Tour / Flexible Date

Highlights of the Itinerary

Kangding 8 days hiking is a perfect adventure in Sichuan for families. It starts in Chengdu and visit the Tibetan town Kangding. The hiking is in the valleys of primitive landscape and beautiful lakes and mountains. It ends in Tagong, a Buddhist town of Kham with stunning Buddhist constructions and interesting local Tibetan people. This is truly an adventure into the wild Sichuan.

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Top Hiking and Trekking Destination in Sichuan

There are some destinations which have hidden the wildest hiking destination and trails on earth. Sichuan is among them. Well, where has Sichuan hidden? Follow us on these hiking and trekking destinations in Sichuan and find out the quiet and stunning sceneries along these hiking trails.

  • Minya Konka Trekking Minya Konka
    • Highlights: Big mountains in wild nature
    • Recommended trek length: 9 days
    • Trek level: Challenging
    • Hiking Style: Camping
    • Elevation btw: 3500m-4800m
  • Mount Siguniang Trekking Mount Siguniang
    • Highlights:Trek to a 5000-meter Mountain
    • Recommended trek length: 4~5 days
    • Trek level:Challenging
    • Hiking Style:Camping
    • Elevation btw: 3200m-5100m
  • Yading Hiking Yading
    • Highlights:Discover the Tibetan Fairyland
    • Recommended trek length: 6 days
    • Trek level: Leisure
    • Hiking Style: Lodge-based
    • Elevation btw: 3800m-4500m
  • Kangding Hiking Kangding
    • Highlights: Nature and Tibetan culture
    • Recommended trek length: 8 days
    • Trek level: Moderate
    • Hiking Style: Camping
    • Elevation btw: 3200m-4800m

Sichuan Hiking and Trekking Tips

Find useful information about hiking and trekking at the beautiful destinations in Sichuan, including planning, hiking season, accessibility, hiking style and safety issues.

Provided below are essential information about planning a hiking/trekking trip to Sichuan. To have adequent preparation before you do the hiking is important to have an enjoyable trekking trip in Sichuan. To know the culture, the landscape of where you are hiking is important to be prepared. Listed below are tips of planning a hiking trip to Sichuan icluding the best hiking season, mountain sickness tips, food, accommodation and camping tips, along with a suggested packing list and safty issues of hiking and trekking in Sichuan.

Hiking Season

The best hiking seasons are May, July, August and October in Sichuan. The second best hiking seasons are April, June, September and November. Winter is generally not considered as a good season to have a trekking trip in western Sichuan as it is too cold. more>>

Terrain, Elevation and Trails

Elevation of the hiking in Sichuan is quite high as up to between 3000 meters and 5000 meters. So you will be walking at elevation over 3500 meters for most of the hikings in Sichuan. Be aware of the multiple days of hiking at such elevation, to acclimatize yourself is important. more>>

Eat and Camp

Hiking in Sichuan normally needs multiple days of camping. Whilst camping there are things to be aware of. To eat healthy to know what kinds of food are available at these hiking destinations in Sichuan are useful.

Safety Issues

It is basically safe to do a hiking trip in Sichuan but there are safety issues to be aware of while planning a hiking trip. These hikings go to the remote and wild places in Sichuan.

Packing List

For the camping trekking trips, you need to prepare camping tents, sleeping bags and matresses. Check a suggested packing list for a hiking trip in Sichuan and find out what to bring and where to buy gears at local. more>>

Sustainable Hiking

Try to keep your hiking trip as clean as possible. Burn or bring the wastes out while hiking. We have seen some polluted hiking trails in Sichuan and it takes effort of each hiker to make it clean. At some places the terrain is vulnerable and while you are walking, use the former trail and try to keep the erosion down. more>>

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