Photography in Gonggashan

Photography in Gonggashan

Why Gonggashan?

Gonggashan is high and it is a group of snow mountains rising very high above. This massif is a 10*30km long mountain range that has morning glows on its east face and dusk glows on its west face. There are a few mountain passes that can be accessed by car, which provides a good photo shoot chance for travelers. Many small lakes by its west also provides excellent spots to take photos of the big snow mountains of Gonggashan.

What to shoot?

Mountain is the big deal of course. But there are also big glaciers and beautiful valleys of alpine views including forests, lakes, local nomads people and wild animals. Mountain lovers may find this tempting.

Photography in Gonggashan

Where to shoot?

You can take photos from locations including Niubeishan Yaha Pass, Kangding Airport, Tsemed Pass, Lakes near Yulongxi, Gongga Gompa, Hailuogou Glacier Park, etc. All locations involves long time of driving and traveling to high elevations.

Best time for a Photo Trip

July, August and October, November, December are the best time to do a photo tour in Gonggashan. You will have warmer and comfortable days in July and August but chance of good weather is lower than the colder and less comfortable November and December.