Climbing in Gonggashan

Climbing in Gonggashan

Mountains in Gonggashan

Mount Gongga itself is a 7556-meter high mountain. North to Mount Gongga there are Mount Zhongshan, Mount Edgar, Mount Jiazi, Mount Roddmain, Mount Doddmain, Mount Little Konka, Mount Langemain, Mount Grosvenor and many other unclimbed mountains and side peaks. South to Mount Gongga there are Mount Sanlian, Mount Jinyin, Mount Longshan, Mount Nymbo Konka, Mount Renzhong, etc.

Climbing in Gonggashan

Climbing history

Gonggashan was first put in front of the world by Americans in 1930s although formerly it was explored and recorded by Joseph Rock at an earlier time. Mount Gongga itself was climbed by Americans in the 1930s and followed by a Chinese team in 1950s. After 1980 when it this area was reopened to climbers, several climbs were conducted after worth although few had made it to the summit. The recent attempts were made in 2013 and 2016 by a Spanish group and a Chinese group separately. Both didn’t make to the summit.

Climbing permit

A Climbing permit is required to do any climbing in Gonggashan. Please read details of a climbing permit. Mountains especially unclimbed mountains are considered national property by government here. So usually a huge fee is required.

Getting in and out

To get to the east face of Gonggashan you can enter from Yanzigou, Hailuogou or Nanmenguangou. It involves hald day to 1 day’s walking to base camp. To enter from its north involves 1 to 2 days walking from where the car can’t go. From north you can use pack horses. Same as from the west, but from west of Gonggashan you need one more day of driving on secondary road.

Logistics and Liaison

Sichuan Travel Guide provides climbing service to Gonggashan. We can apply climbing permit, arrange logistics and provide all necessary things for you if you wish to do any climbing here. We have provided services for several expedition teams to Gonggashan.