Gonggashan Travel – Planning Ideas

This is a guide for people who are planning a trip to Gonggashan and around. You can find useful information and suggestions of ways of traveling here weather you plan to do a hiking at Gonggashan or just visit it on a driving tour, or if you are planning to do mountaineering here.

A drive-by visit

Hailuogou Glacier Park and Yanzigou Valley at its east is one of the best recommendations for such way of traveling to Gonggashan. A visit to Hailuogou takes about half day from Moxi or Kangding. The elevation is not very high so that you can acclimatize yourself pretty easy. Another place for such way of travel is to go to Yaha Pass at Jiagenba at its west by car. Although to do this you need a strong 4WD to get there. Some people also drive to Tsemed Pass to take photos of Minya Konka.


For a half day hiking, you can go to Laoyulin to walk into the valley or to Beihaizi Lake at Lamo-She at north of Gonggashan by Yajiageng. By south of Gonggashan there is Tianwan River at Caoke where you can do some short hike in a half day. From Tsemed Pass to Tsemed Village, you can do a half day hiking to Gongga Gompa, although this will take one full day.

For a multi-day hiking you can start from the north at Laoyulin, or you can start from Shangmuju before Tsemed Pass. You can also start from Caoke at the south of Gonggashan. You will need about a week to do a multi-day hiking at Gonggashan. Read More>>


For a climbing expedition to Gonggashan, normally you need about 2-4 weeks minimum depending on which mountain you are climbing and from which side you start. To climb Mount Gongga you need 4-5 weeks from either side. To climb mountains such as Edgar or Jiazi you need 3-4 weeks normally. To climb the Little Konka you need maybe just two days. But this also depends on how experienced you are. Read More>>

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