Giant Pandas Mating in Bifengxia Panda Base

updated on April 5, 2016

It Is Spring now. Everything revives from lazy winter days. For the Giant Pandas, the spring means the pink days, romantic season to “love” and “make next generation”. Scientifically speaking, every March to May is the giving birth months for pandas. Recently on April 3, Bifengxia Giant Panda Base helped two pandas mated successfully. Who are they?

Many people may think mating is natural and easy for most animals, but unfortunately a hard thing for the captive pandas. A lot of adult pandas even don’t know how to mate. So one of the meaningful task the panda base have is to instruct the pandas to mate. This time, it came to Cui Cui who was going to take the adventure. Fortunately, her boy friend Wu Gang is experienced, and has helped several female panda give birth to new baby pandas.

Giant Panda News

Cui Cui was timid for the First Time

Cui Cui was taken to the enclosure of Wu Gang, but firstly appeared to be timid. The panda keepers made a lot of efforts and finally created a peaceful and romantic atmosphere for Cui Cui and Wu Gang. They started to make, which lasted 4 minutes 33 seconds. Experts in the panda base told us that the mating was very successful this time. The chance is as high as 95% that Cui Cui will give birth to new baby pandas.

Giant Panda News

Cui Cui and Wu Gang were mating

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