A Wild Giant Panda Was Run after by Dogs in Sichuan Village

updated on March 7, 2016

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On March 6, a wild Giant Panda was found in Nanqing Village, Yuexi County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The panda seemed to be fleeing. What was happening?

In the afternoon of March 6, Mupa, with some other villagers was grazing in mountains. All of sudden, they heard intensive barks. Tracing the origin of the barks, they found there were three dogs were running after a black-and-white, round and fat animal.

“It is a panda, it is panda!” Mupa and his companions shouted excitingly. But what worried the villagers much was that the panda was fleeing, but could got of attacking from dogs because he was not agile and fast as the dogs. Without any hesitation, Mupa and other villagers immediately rushed to the hill and drove the chasing dogs away. Fortunately, the dogs were only running after the panda without attacking. And the panda didn’t get injured.

Giant Panda News
The wild Giant Panda was fleeing

The villagers reported the news to Qumu who was the forest ranger of Nanqing Village. Qumu then reported to Shenguozhuang Nature Reserve. Shortly after the call, staffs of the reserve reached, and the wild panda had left the locale back to mountain. They searched nearby and collected some traces including the faeces and fur of the panda. After examination, they found the wild panda was sub-adult panda about 50km weigh. The footprints left disappeared in the deep forest, which meant the panda has return back to its same home.

According to the statement of Shenguozhuang Nature Reserve it was the first time that the wild panda appeared in the Nanqing region. This accident was actually a good news that the habitats for the wild panda is getting better and larger. As gradual the implement of the Green for Grain Project, a vast arrow bamboo is forming and become a livable for pandas.

So far, the Shenguozhuang Nature Reserve is having a field survey in Nanqing region to investigate the distribution of pandas.

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