A Female Panda Infant Born in Zoo Aquarium de Madrid in Spain

updated on September 1, 2016

The Spain Madrid Zoo announced that the Giant Panda “Hua Zuiba” gave birth to a female baby panda on August 31th, which is for the first time that female panda infant born in the zoo. The new infant came to the world at the dawn time, and now weighs 180 grams. “integrated body and shape, very vivacious, healthy”, the zoo described the new baby like this. The staffs in the zoo also said they are very confident to to help the panda infant live through the vital first week during of which panda infants usually face the risk of dying young. During the pregnancy of Hua Zuiba, the panda experts from China assisted Spanish panda keepers in taking care of her scientifically. When Hua Zuiba become listless, sleepy, and started to refuse feed while licking her paws, the panda experts knew she was about to delivery. And they were right. Hua Zuiba brought a baby panda to the zoo. For Hua Zuiba, this is her third time of giving birth. She came to Madrid with male panda Bing Xing in 2007, and gave birth to a twin panda in 2010, and a single panda cub in 2013.

Madrid Panda Zoo

A Wild Giant Panda in Sichuan

Spain is one of the luck countries in the world that have built a panda diplomacy with China. In September of 1978, the King Juan Carlos I visited China and received two adult pandas as gifts - Shao Shao and her husband Qiang Qiang. They gave birth to a twin panda in 1982, but only a panda cub survived, as the first Giant Panda born by artificial insemination in captive base in whole Europe.

Let’s make our best wishes to Hua Zuiba and her lovely daughter.

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