Giant Panda Facts - the basic knowledge about giant panda

updated on Februay 24, 2016

Giant Panda, also named Panda Bear, is one of the cutest animals in the world. A panda has a round and sonsy face, black-circle eyes, chubby body, black-and-white fur, brawny legs moving in a pigeon-toed way. At the same time, it is as emotional as human, sometimes naughty and sometimes docile.

The Giant Panda is well known as the “living fossil” because this species has lived on the planet more than 8 millions years. According to zoology, the Giant Panda belongs to Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Carnivora, Ursidae, Ailuropoda and Ailuropoda melanoleuca. They are omnivorous, but over 99% their daily foods are bamboos. An adult panda is about 100~120 kilograms in weigh, 1.2~1.9 meters in length and 0.6~0.9 meters in height. The average life span of adult pandas is around 20 years in the wild and about 30 years in captivity. Jia Jia, a female panda, is the oldest panda in the world aging 37 years equivalently a human who is 110 years old. She is now living in the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The Discovery of Giant Panda >>

Giant Panda Facts
Panda is the treasure of the whole world

Giant Panda - endangered species

Giant Panda survives from the cruel subsistence competition and drastic earth changing. Most species in the same periods as Giant Panda had been extinct. While the living of Giant Panda is serious and worrisome. The expansion of city, farming and excessive deforestation cause a tremendous shrink of Giant Panda’s habitats. The panda now only inhabit in a few mountain ranges in Sichuan Province and its neighboring provinces including Shaanxi and Gansu. While according to research, there used to be many pandas living in most regions of southern and eastern China about 100, 000 yeas ago.

The survey in October, 2011 conducted by official departments shows that there are about 333 pandas living in the captivity and less 1600 pandas (more than 80% in Sichuan) living in the wild. As constant efforts have been made to protect the panda and raise birth rates of new baby pandas, the amount of Giant Pandas in the captivity is increasing in recent years. To meet people in the world, many pandas have been sent to 13 counties and regions. Till December of 2014, there are 49 giant pandas living outside China.

Giant Panda Chengdu
Giant Pandas in the Chengdu Giant Panda Base

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