Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhai - Huanglong Airport (JZH)

Jiuzhaigou Airport Guide

Jiuzhaigou Jiuhuang Airport was built in 2003. It is located at Chuanzhusizhen in northern Sichuan, 88km south to Jiuzhaigou National Park and 43km north to Huanglong Scenic Area. Elevation of this Jiuzhaigou Jiuhuang Airport is at 3500 meters. There are lots of direct flights to Jiuzhaigou throughout the year but in winter the airport sometimes suspend its service due to bad weather like heavy snow or icy lanes.

Getting Around at Jiuzhaigou Airport

Jiuzhaigou Airport Transfer Map

At the airport there is no accommodations available, the nearest town is called Chuanzhusi where you can find many hotels and hostels to stay for overnight. Chuanzhusi is a tourist town full of restaurants, hotels and shops. By driving to Chuanzhusizhen is only 10 minutes. But if you are traveling in winter, Chuanzhusi is not a good place as it is generally not a travel season so many hotel and restaurant owners have left there. From the airport to Huanglong Scenic Area is about 1 hour by driving. At Huanglong there are some hotels available. The village of where the hotels are is a little bit further down the road of the entrance of Huanglong Park. Or you can drive directly to Jiuzhaigou Park for about 2 hours and stay there.

Taxis are available when there is flight arrival at the airport. The taxi from the airport to Jiuzhaigou costs about 350 yuan and to Huanglong takes about 200 yuan. There are also airport shuttle buses available at the airport. The bus from airport to Jiuzhaigou costs about 45 yuan per person and to Huanglong costs about 22 yuan. These buses are not very reliable on both time and price. The buses were run by private company not the airport.

Scheduled Flights to Jiuzhaigou Airport

Depart from Flight Number Frequency Duration Full Price
Chengdu 8L9601/9602 1234567 06:25-07:25/08:00-09:05 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu MU5851/5852 1234567 07:00-07:50/08:30-09:25 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu CA4481/4482 1234567 10:05-11:00/11:40-12:45 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu MU5863/5864 1234567 10:25-11:30/11:10-11:55 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu CA4483/4484 1234567 13:15-14:15/15:00-16:15 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu 3U8607/8608 15 14:45-15:40/16:30-17:35 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu 3U8607/8608 23467 15:15-16:05/16:45-17:50 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu 3U8605/8606 1234567 19:55-20:55/21:55-23:00 RMB1550+tax
Chengdu CA4487/4488 1234567 18:30-19:40/11:40-12:45 RMB1550+tax
Chongqing CA4397/4398 1234567 06:55-08:20/09:35-11:00 RMB1320+tax
Chongqing CZ8181/818 1234567 12:20-13:45/14:25-15:50 RMB1320+tax
Chongqing CA4427/4428 1234567 19:25-20:50/21:30/22:50 RMB1320+tax
Xi'an MU2383/2384 1234567 07:15-08:40/09:20-10:45 RMB840+tax
Xi'an MU2367/2368 1234567 08:45-10:10/11:00-12:25 RMB840+tax
Xi'an 3U8613/8614 1234567 14:40-16:05/16:50-18:10 RMB840+tax
Xi'an 3U8635/9636 1234567 20:20-21:45/22:30-23:55 RMB840+tax
Beijing CA4122/4121 1234567 17:05-20:00/20:45-23:20 RMB1990+tax
Guangzhou CA4394/4393 1234567 08:05-10:55/21:25-00:15 RMB1940+tax
Hangzhou 3U8558/8557 1234567 17:35-20:30/21:10-23:40 RMB2080+tax

This is not the definite flight schedule as many flights will be added or deducted according to the travel season. So it is the time of the flight. In winter there are less flights running due to the unfavorable weather and winter is also the low travel season of Jiuzhaigou.

Tele Phone of Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport: +86 837 7243770.

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