Daocheng Yading Airport (DCY)

Daocheng Yading Airport Guide

Daocheng Airport was built in 2013. It is located at Daocheng in western Sichuan near Yunnan. It is 50km nouth to the town of Daocheng and 123km north to Yading Reserve. Elevation of this Airport is over 4400 meters. It is by far the highest airport in the world. There are some direct flights to Daocheng from Chengdu, Xi’an, Chongqing. It has scheduled flights from April to October each year. In winter there usually is too much snow and ice for landing thus the flights may be suspended due to bad weather.

Getting Around at Daocheng Airport

Daocheng Yading Airport Transfer Map

At the airport there is no accommodation available, the nearest town is Tibetan town Daocheng where you can find many hotels and hostels to stay for overnight. At Daocheng there are many restaurants, hotels and shops you can find as well as the buses can cars to for transportations. By driving to Daocheng from the airport it is about 1 hour. From the airport you can also drive to Litang for 2 hours in the north. From Litang you can start a Litang Hiking trip to Genie.

Taxis are available when there is flight arrival at Daocheng Yading airport. The taxi from the airport to Daocheng costs about 200 yuan and to Yading costs within 400 yuan depending on the season. There are also airport shuttle buses available at the airport. The bus from airport to Daocheng costs about 35 yuan per person and takes about 1 hour. These buses are available when there is an arrival at the airport. A ride from the airport to Riwa, the entrance of Yading Reserve costs about 85 yuan and takes about 2 hours.

Scheduled Flights to Daocheng Airport

Depart from Flight Number Frequency Duration Full Price
Chengdu MU2191/2192 1234567 06:45-07:45/08:05-09:05 RMB1600+tax
Chengdu CA4215/4216 1234567 06:55-07:55/08:35-09:35 RMB1600+tax
Chengdu 3U8653/8654 1234567 06:50-07:50/08:35-09:35 RMB1600+tax
Chengdu MU5863/5864 1234567 10:25-11:30/11:10-11:55 RMB1550+tax
Xi’an MU2339/2340 1234567 06:40-08:30/09:25-11:20 RMB1400+tax
Chongqing 3U8163/8164 1234567 10:25-11:35/12:15-13:15 RMB1950+tax

Flights to Daocheng Yading rely on weather a lot. In winter most of the flights may stop due to the bad weather. The departure times are for reference only. The airline companies may change the departure time a little bit according to the seasons.

Tele Phone of Daocheng Airport: +86 836 5722066

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