Yading Middle Kora

Yading Middle Kora Trek


This is a multi-day hard trek around the big mountains of Yading Nature Reserve. It goes from east at Muli Xian to west oat Yading Nature Reserve. It is considered to be one of the most difficult yet beautiful treks in China. The trek goes from river gorges to forests and onto grassland and alpine valleys. Yading Middle Kora Trek is a camping trek and involves walking at high elevations up to 4800 meters. This is truly an adventure trip of a life time!

Xinguo Ranch

Best Time to go

The best time to do a Yading Middle Kora is from July to the October when it is warm and less or no snow blocking the passes. Other than this season, it is also doable in May, June and November when it is also warm. Possibly rains can be seen in the trekking seasons and seems inevitable. Winter is not a good season to do this trek.

What to see

Holy mountains

Three holy mountains including Chenrezig, Jampayang and Chenadorje are the forbidden mountains in Yading and with unique shapes. These three mountains are very stunning and covered in snow throughout the year. All three mountains are about 6000 meters tall above sea level. These mountains are closed to climbers as they are “holy mountains” to local Tibetan people. The mountains provide different views in different seasons.


Turquoise Lakes

Milk Lake, Five-colored Lake (Wuse Lake) and Pearl Lake are the three turquoise lakes by the foot of the mountains. The reflections in the water of lake are a big thing for travelers and a major highlight of this park. These lakes are inside the Yading Nature Park, unlike the mountains which can be seen from afar and from different locations. Milk Lake is a small and bluish-greenish lake by the foot of Jampayang that this Middle Kora will pass. Five-colored Lake is by the foot of Chenrezig at its east face, also the biggest lake there. Pearl Lake is the small lake located by the foot of north face of Chenrezig in the valley north to five-colored lake. By the south of Chenrezig there is also a Snake Lake, similar size as the five-colored lake, it is the lake that you can only see while doing this Yading Middle Kora Trek.

How to Plan

To Plan a Yading Middle Kora Trek, you will need proper physical training before hand as this trek is very difficult: walking for a consecutive of 4 days over 4000 meters and camp over 4000 meters above sea level. It is a challenge to inexperienced hikers.To get to the hiking start point one needs to get to Dulu Village in Muli, which is a town west to Xichang. A total of 3 days of car ride are required. After the trek, you will end up in the Yading Nature Reserve where transfers of cars are available. And it is normally another 2 days of car ride back to Chengdu although you can use the flight out at Yading Airport. Porter and local guide are very useful yet you can carry your own staff as well.

Time required:10 days