Rough Cost for Daocheng Yading Travel

updated on June 6, 2017

Planning a trip to Daocheng Yading needs to have a budget plan. Gathered below are the detailed information about a cost traveling to Daocheng Yading including costs on accommodations, food, entrance fees, transportations, etc.

Cost on transfer, flight, bus, taxi, local transfer

Public bus is available between Chengdu and Daocheng. A bus ticket will cost about 270 yuan per person. But the bus will only get to Daocheng Xian, the biggest town near Yading Nature Reserve. One needs to take another bus from Daocheng to Yading entrance, which will cost another 60 yuan. There maybe taxis involved while you arrive in the town now called Shanggelila Zhen, which is the entrance of Yading Park. A taxi in Shanggelila usually costs about 10 to 15 yuan.

To hire a car from Daocheng to the airport or to the entrance of Yading Park will cost hundreds. The bus to the airport from Daocheng costs 50 yuan per person, the bus to the airport from Yading Park Entrance (Shanggelila Zhen) costs 85 yuan per person.

Cost on a flight from Chengdu to Yading is 1690 yuan for economy seat full price. Often one gets discounted ticket but during busy season, discounted tickets are often unavailable and during winter time, the flights may stop running due to heavy snow.

Cost on accommodations

For a modern 3-star-like hotel in Daocheng and Shanggelila Zhen, it costs about 300 yuan to 400 yuan per room per night. Lower level of accommodations include 2-star-like hotels and guesthouses which will cost about 200 yuan or less depending on the seasons. Using higher level of hotels will usually provide free breakfast while using lower levels of hotels you need to take care of breakfast by yourself.

Accommodations in Daocheng are plenty and with different levels. However the hotels in Shanggelila are not as much as what one can find in Daocheng Xian. But the hotels are getting more and more after the completion of the airport. It is safe and saves money to book before hand if you are traveling in summer and autumn.

Cost on food

Per meal between 30-50 yuan depending on what you eat. Local bread are very good and cheap. Yak meat is expensive, up to 100 or more yuan per kilo. The ones that are below 50 yuan per kilo are not the real yak meat .Veges are more expensive than before and fruits are luxury. Generally In Daocheng and Xianggelila Zhen it is easy to find place to eat.

Cost on tourists attractions entrances

To visit Yading Nature Park, the entrance fee is 150 yuan per person, and one will also need to purchase the eco bus ticket which costs 120 yuan per person. Also from the terminal of the eco bus, one often buys the electricity car ticket which costs 40 yuan. The entrance ticket one can use it for two times, for example when one needs to come back into the park second time. The bus ticket and the electricity car tickets however, one needs to purchase again.

Cost on horse-riding

There is also horse available for riding in Yading at Luorong Ranch. It costs 500 yuan round trip from Luorong Ranch to Milk Lake and back to Luorong Ranch. Riding horse is a good choice as the walking will be at very high elevation. To use the horse you will not need to do the 2.5 hours walking up and 2.5 hours back.

Daocheng Yading Tour Packages

View below the best-selected tour packages of Daocheng Yading. Included are the 6-day hiking tour to Daocheng Yading from Chengdu by driving, the 10-day Middle Kora Trek to Yading and the 3-day flying tour to Daocheng Yading

  • Sichuan Travel 2017

    Daocheng Yading Hiking Tour – 6 days from $659

    Daocheng Yading is one of the Lost Horizons on earth. It is a beautiful fairyland hidden in the far west of Sichuan. It is not for the heart-fainted. To aspire the holy mountains include Yangmaiyong, Xiannairi and Xianuoduoji on a week-long bus tour from Chengdu. Embrace the stunning views of Milk Lake, Wuse Lake and Pearl Lake in the park will bring you an experience of lifetime.


  • Sichuan Travel 2017

    Daocheng Yading Hiking Tour – 3 days from $990

    Daocheng Yading is one of the most remote wander lands in China. It is far and difficult to access but it is really beautiful. This 2 and half day Yading adventure takes you to embrace the believed-to-be the mysterious Tibetan heaven of Shangri-La. Hiking is at high elevation but views are stunning. Find out more about this tour by asking our experts.


  • Sichuan Travel 2017

    Yading Middle Kora Trek - 10 daysfrom $978

    6-Day Mount Siguniang hiking starts from Chengdu, a perfect hiking adventure near Chengdu to explore the wonderful nature of Sichuan. Hike from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley total waling 3-4 days. Witness Mount Siguniang and the many other mountains around Mount Siguniang at a close range.