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Price: From $12 / PP

Availability: Everyday

Opera Show at : 20:00-21:30

Sichuan Opera

Watch the traditional Sichuan Opera is one of the must-do activities in Chengdu. While you are here, why not do something after your day's trip? Sichuan Opera is a traditional show of the famed Mask-changing stage show combined with other bits of different local shows including fire-spitting, rolling light, showdow play, etc.

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Sichuan Face-Changing Opera Show

Sichuan opera show is considered one of the features of the city of Chengdu. It features the mask-changing and fire-spitting tricks, has won its popularity and fame across China. If anyone is to visit Chengdu, to watch this mask-changing opera is a very good choice to spend your evening time in Chengdu. Sichuan Opera is a one-thousand-year Shu Culture and a hundred-year long folk art.

Where to watch Sichuan Opera show?

It is located on the traditional Qintai Road (Qintai Lu) in central Chengdu. While on the Qingtai Road, you need to make a turn by the gate of the Culture Park. The house is located inside the park (Culture Park, Wenhua Gongyuan). The opera house is called Shufeng Yayun

When does Sichuan Opera show start?

It has a show every evening starts by 8:00 pm. The show usually lasts for about 80 minutes. Normally you are suggested to arrive there early for example by 7:30 pm.

What is Sichuan Opera show about?

Naotai is the penning of Sichuan Opera. The assembles of gong, drum, chime produce a simple tune as a start of Sichuan Opera by blowing, pulling, plucking and beating.

Puppet Show is a silent show of a puppet without singers or players. The performer use only his pair of clever hands to control the puppet to make different and sometimes difficult movements resembling a real person playing in a show and trying to tell a story usually about love.

Hand Shadow Trick is when the performer form the shapes of different animals like rabbits and horse by a pair of hands.

Rolling Light is a local Sichuan Drama that is famous among local people. It tells a story between a gambling-addicted husband and an aggressive wife. Rolling light is the way the wife uses to punish her husband in the yard. It is a deep-root cultural fact in Chengdu when we say a “Soft-ear” husband is usually afraid of his wife and listens and does what his wife says.

Face-changing and Fire-spitting is the highlight of the opera show. It comes by the end of Sichuan opera how. You will need to watch closely to find out how did the actors changing their masks.

Fire Spitting

Mask Changing

Booking Guide

  • Please read the layout map of different classes of seats, the higher price of seats will have better spectacle of the opera show.
  • Any group that is over 4 people (include 4) can have a 10% discount,
  • Your can pay upon arrival, but bookings need to be done before hand,
  • Cash accepted,
  • Foreign currency accepted.


1. Address of the opera house is 132 Qintai Lu, Qingyang District, Chengdu. It is inside a park.

2. Normally an early booking is better to secure good seats (middle, front) in different types of tickets section, especially during the Chinese holidays.

3. Pick up service (need extra fee) is available.

4. You are recommended to arrive there by 19:30.

5. VIP tickets can choose 1 from the 4 available local experience provided by the opera house: a. ear-cleaning; b.massage; c. dress up opera costume; d.putting on opera makeup. Each activity takes about 10 to 20 minutes. These local activities are available before the show.

6. All types of tickets will provide a free cup of tea. Snacks/beers are also available but need to pay by yourself.

7. There is no dressing code of the opera show. Taking photos are also allowed.

Price List

Ticket Class List Price Our Discounted Price
Type VIP Ticket

50 USD / PP (= RMB 320)

32 USD / PP (= RMB 200)

Type A Ticket

38 USD / PP (= RMB 240)

24 USD / PP (= RMB 150)

Type B Ticket

29 USD / PP (= RMB 180)

19 USD / PP (= RMB 120)

Type C Ticket

22 USD / PP (= RMB 140)

12 USD / PP (= RMB 80)

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