Chengdu Nightlife

Nightlife in Chengdu

updated on August 21, 2016

There are many things to do for night living in Chengdu. Night owls can find almost anything to eat as late-night snacks (called Ye Xiao in Chinese), even though most of them will be spicy and have to be washed down with cold local beer. The capital of Sichuan is reputedly the best city for parting in China. Fancy places are found in Kuanzhai Alley and Lan Kwai Fong, near the Shangri-La Hotel (and named after the famous bar street in Hong Kong). A more local crowd gathers in Jinli and in the Nine-Eyes Bridge Bar Street.

Jinli District

Situated near the Temple of the Marquis of Wu, JInli attracts locals as well as tourists looking for a place to chill out and begin the evening. Traditional-style lamps cast a romantic glow over the enclave’s narrow streets, and the numerous bars here start to fill up. Several daytime teahouses change into nighttime bars.

Yulin District

Located west of the Nijia Qiao Metro station in southern Chengdu, this neighborhood lies near universities and shopping center. Restaurants, teahouses and bars line its leafy streets.

New Machu Picchu

No. 1, Yulin North Street, Yulin / 15882356944(mobile)

This new location of Mach Picchu Bar is bigger and has taken over the live performance with the resulting same success. If you are a beer lover, you will find here one of the most comprehensive selection of beers in Chengdu. Board games and a foosball table are on hand for customers to enjoy.

The Bookworm

2-7 Yulin East Road / 028-85520177 /

A favorite among expatriates, the Bookworm could qualify as one of the landmarks of Chengdu. Just as you would expect, it is filled in with a lot of books that you can borrow and read while enjoying an espresso coffee or a beer at night. Like its counterparts in Beijing and Suzhou, it organizes various library events (with local and international writes), musical evenings, and cocktails Saturday nights on the roof terrace.

Night-Eyes Bridge Bar Street (Jiuyanqiao)

If you love bar-hopping, you will enjoy this street that stretches along the riverbank in front of the Shangri-La Hotel. Nine-Eyes is your typical bar street in China, lined with different joints that all look the same with their neon lights, their guitar performance and their young patrons (a lot of them come from nearby Sichuan University).


Address: 88 Shaoling lu / 028-87010888

Chengdu famous “spicy girls”(la mei in mandarin) and handsome young fellows flock to this club to dance until dawn within its glittering décor. Be ready to queue up to get in on weekends and to face an overcrowded dance floor. This is still one of the most popular clubs in Chengdu

Jah Bar

Address? Old South Bridge, 36-118 Huang Gate Road / 13689051773

As its name states bluntly, this joint is the headquarter of reggae fans and musicians. Actually if you feel like it, you can have a totally improvised jam session using the instruments on the stage. The Jar Bar, known as the “family bar” in Chinese, is particularly pleasant during summer times since it sits along the river.

Kuanzhai Xiangzi Neighbourhood

This upscale, historic quarter houses elegant courtyard teahouses, pricey shops, high-end restaurants and attractive bars, some with outdoor seating.

White Night

Address: 32 Zhai Xiangzi / 028-86695671

If you happen to stroll down the Kuanzhai Xiangzi at night after dinner in one of the its classy restaurants, don’t fail to go to the White Night. The place is run by a famous poetess, Zhai Yongming, It’s the night spot where wannabe artists get together to listen to live jazz and soul music. White Night exudes a genuine arty atmosphere.

Xiongmao Club

Address: 55 Kuixing Street, Jinxiang Si Road

Forced to relocate several times over the past years, this club finds its latest venue located right next to Kuanzhai Xiangzi, which should make it easy for nightclubbers to find. The Xiongmao (meaning “panda” in Mandarin) has been at the center of Chengdu’s nightlife tor la long time, since it reputedly has the best electronic music in the city, and is famed for inviting DJs and bands from all over China (and international ones at times). Hopefully this new location will last a long time.

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