Chengdu Wangjianglou Park

Wangjianglou Park

Wangjianglou Park is located by Fuhe River next Sichuan University. It is a park featured with bamboos. Built in this park are a bamboo museum and museum of the founder of Wangjianglou Park Xuetao. Xetao is a talent female poet in China. In the park there is a famous pagoda the Wangjiang Pagoda, which is one of the images of Chengdu today.

Wangjianglou Park


How to get there

Bus routes 19, 35 and 335 stop by the park. A taxi is easier to get to Wangjiang Park. The park has two separated parts. The free park and the inner park which a 20-yuan entrance charge is required before go in. It is worth to pay the 20 yuan to go into the inner park to see the bamboo museum and Xuetao Memorial Hall and many beautiful bamboos.

What to see at Wangjianglou Park

Wangjianglou (Wangjiang Pagoda)

The most stunning construction in Wangjianglou Park is Wangjiang Pagoda. It is 39 meters’ tall and one of the icons of Chengdu. It is also called Chongli Pagoda. It has three stories and each floor has beautiful carvings.


Bamboo Featured park in Chengdu

Wangjianglou Park is featured with bamboos. Over 200 bamboos can be found here. It boasts to be one of the top bamboo-featured parks in China. One of the reasons it became a bamboo featured park was its former resident, Xuetao loved bamboos. The ethic we believe in bamboos include strength, modesty and purity. There is also a museum featured with bamboo in the inner park.

Xue Tao, the female Poet from Tang Dynasty

Xuetao one of the greatest female poet in Chinese history

Xue Tao was listed as one of the four greatest female poets in Sichuan history and one of the eight most talented and beautiful (fengchen) women in Chinese history. Xue Tao had written some 500 poems and among them less that 100 left today. She worked as officials and traveled to many places in Sichuan. She is still believed to be a legend in history, given that women didn’t have any privileges during her time. There is a Xue Tao museum built inside this park, surrounded by many green bamboos. It is a very educative museum.

Opening hours: 06:00~21:00

ecommended length of visiting: 2 hours

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