Tianfu Square

Tianfu Square

Tianfu Square is at the heart place of Chengdu. Tianfu is another name of Chengdu we call. Tianfu means Abundance, referring the rich land and good climate we have. Tianfu Square resembles the center of Beijing but smaller. It is 88,000 sqm’s in size and has more than one floors. It is the center of Chengdu and one of the icons we use to present Chengdu. North to the square is a 30-meter statue of Mao, the former head of Chinese Communist Party.

Tianfu Square

How to Get There

It is located in the center of Chengdu; you can use taxi, buses and subways to get there easily.

What to see at Tianfu Square

Tianfu Square is a Taichi Square

If you stand high enough you can read the square looks like a Taichi image. In the middle is an image of Sun Bird , at the west has a spring and at the east the entrance to the lower level.

You go to the lower level, you can find the entrance to the subway and it is also a shopping center.

Visiting Guide

Opening hours: all day

ecommended length of visiting: half hour

Other interests nearby: People’s Park, Kuanzhai Alley, Chunxi Street and Wenshu Monastery

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