Chengdu Qingyang Taoist Temple

Qingyang Taoist Temple

Qingyang Taoist Temple is a Quanzhen School Taoist Temple and an important national Quanzhen Taoist Temple in China. It is located on the west by the first ring road in Chengdu. It is also named the Number 1 Taoist Temple in Chengdu. Qingyang Taoist Temple also has a very long history. It was built in Zhou Dynasty which is about 3000 years ago. It was rebuilt in Dynasty by Emperor Xizong. But it was destroyed by the end of Ming Dynasty. The constructions left today are mainly from Qing Dynasty by Emperor Kangxi. The temple is composed of Entrance Screen, Three Saints Hall, Emperor Tang’s Hall, Huangyuan Hall and Taichi Pagoda. Taichi Pagoda is the most luxury construction with a well-decorated Lao Tzu Statue. The most precious Taoist book is stored in this temp as well.

Qingyang Taoist Temple of Chengdu

How to get there

Qingyang Taoist Temple (Qingyanggong or Qingyang Palace) is located by the first ring road at the west in Chengdu, bus route 11, 19, 27, 34, 35, 42, 58, 59, 82 and 129 all stop near the temple. It is very easy to navigate yourself there. The entrance ticket costs 10 yuan per person. If you are over 60 years’ old or under the height of 1.2 meters, it is free.

What to see at Qingyang Taoist Temple

Hunyuan Hall

It is the first hall after the entrance. It was built by the end of 19th century. It covers a total of over 600 sqm and has 28 pillars to hold the hall. Enshrined in the hall are the statues of Hunyuan Patriarch (Taishanglaojun in Chinese, a very important figure in Taoism) and Cihang the immortal, who is believed to be one of the 12 golden immortals in Taoism.

The Taichi Pagoda

After Hunyuan Hall is the 20 meters tall, three-storied pagoda. Cubic basement and round building echoes the belief of “a round heave and a square earth”. Made of stone and wood, this building is the most luxury one in the whole temple. Lots of animal carvings are made on the pillars and by the roof.

Three Saints Hall

It is also called Wuchi Hall. It is the main hall in Qingyanggong. It was built in Tang Dynasty and rebuilt in Qing Dynasty. It is 40 meters’ wide and covers an area of total 1600 spm. On the left stored a bell that weighs about 3 tons. In the temple are the three most important figure in Taoism: Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing. By both sides of the hall erect the twelve immortals. There are 36 pillars holding this hall. Among the 36 pillars 8 are made of wood indicating the 8 protectors and the rest stone pillars indicate the 28 celestials in Taoism. Three Saints Hall is one of the most stunning Taoist constructions in China.

Copper Goats (Qingyang)

Qingyang the Copper Goats

The copper goats by the entrance of Three Saints Hall are the origin of the name of Qingyang Temple. The goat was made of copper and was called Green Goat. They were a gift from a royal family bought from Beijing in Qing Dynasty. The goats look strange and they were actually a component of different kinds of animals: the ears are from rat, the nose is from a buffalo, the claws are from tiger, the back is a rabbit’s back, the horns are from a dragon, mouth from hoese, mustache of a goat, neck of a monkey, eyes of rooster, belly of dog and hip of pig.

Best Time to Go

A Taoist at Qingyang Taoist Temple

The best time to visit Qingyang Taoist Temple is all year round. It opens on everyday from 8:00 to 18:00. There are two important festivals held here each here. Huazhao Festival is held on the 25th day by the second month of Chinese Lunar calendar. It is the most important and a traditional festival when a “Miaohui” and a flower festival were held at the same time. Miaohui is a traditional gathering to exchange goods and to celebrate. Another festival is the Chongyang Festival (Double 9th Day), which is on the 9th day of the 9th month in Chinese Lunar calendar. It is also a time to see flowers and mainly the chrysanthemums.

Opening hours: 08:00 to 18:00

ecommended length of visiting: 2 hours

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